Saturday, December 29

Whirlwind Christmas

Christmas was great this year! The girls were so excited to see that Santa had come (well, Ashtyn was. Jordyn was mad that we woke her up, and Avery was just happy as usual). It was so fun to open presents and watch their reactions! To all those who had a nice, calm, relaxing Christmas, I'm a little envious. We've been back and forth from Rexburg and I.F. trying to fit in both families. It's been so great to see everyone (Jim's family from Texas and Utah are here), and I'm so thankful to have such close families on both sides, it's just a little hectic trying to fit it all in. But I'm still in my jammies right now, and I wouldn't have wanted to miss any family. It was so great for the girls to see all of their cousins, and Jim's family is always so much fun. I'll post more pictures of the festivities when I have more time. Right now I need to go shower so we can head up to Rexburg again!

Friday, December 21

Scarlet Fever Anyone?

Ashtyn hasn't been feeling well since Tuesday, and I finally took her in yesterday after looking in her mouth with a flashlight and finding all sorts of yummy germs. Turns out she has Scarlet Fever! I know, I are probably thinking about the mobs of people Scarlet Fever used to kill back in the day. I was a little shocked myself, but not to worry, it's not as bad as most people think as long as it is treated (which, back in the day, their was no treatment for anything). It is basically a severe form a strep throat that has progressed to a bumpy red rash allover. What a great Mom I am to have let it progress! They're treating her with a strong dose of antibiotics, and we're supposed to stay out of public for a few days. I think Ashtyn felt worse about missing the family Christmas party with her cousins than the actual sickness. Poor girl-I felt so bad for her (me too, since I also didn't get to go!!).
She's feeling a lot better today, but to our utter joy (not), now Jordyn has strep throat, and I'm sure Avery is on her way since she had a slight fever before her nap. Lucky us! A house full of antibiotics that taste gross and make for some yummy toilet/diaper experiences! Wish us luck! As long as the girls are better for Christmas, I won't complain. Especially since we have some of Jim's family coming to town to stay with us for Christmas. (Did I mention one of them is only 3 weeks old-they might want to consider a hotel.)
I hope this finds you all a little healthier than my house is right now. Warning to the wise: don't come near our house-it is full of nasty, little grinch germs that are trying to take away the Christmas magic. We will conquer!

Tuesday, December 18

Santa Claus Meltdown

Avery has been loving Santa Claus this year and points to everything with a picture of him, gets excited, and says "Sanna Claus". It is so dang cute! We took the kids to the Mall a couple of weeks ago to sit on Santa's lap. Ashtyn wasn't shy at all, but seeing him in person (instead of on a kitchen towel) made Jordyn and Avery a little nervous. The only way to get them on his lap was for me to sit on it also. I guess I caught the Christmas spirit and the whole idea of why we sit on Santa's lap because my wish list just started spewing from my mouth. "Forget what my kids want, Santa, what about me?" I want; I want; I need; I need......

  • Ipod
  • True Religion jeans
  • New perfume
  • Snow board
  • Elliptical
  • Maid
  • Cook
  • Nanny
  • 10 fewer pounds
  • Bigger boobs
  • Smaller butt
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Makeover
  • Shopping spree to dress my new, HOT self
  • I don't sound vain at all, do I?

The list goes on and on, and mall security was finally called to force me off Santa' lap. I threw a terrible tantrum ("I wasn't finished; Let me speak") and made an embarrasing scene, but hey, I bet it will pay off on Christmas morning when my new boobs are under the tree.

Of course I didn't act like such a brat, but the memories of me as a child sitting on Santa's lap came flooding back. My list is actually not that big this year as I feel pretty blessed to have so many wonderful things in my life. Most importantly, my family-my great husband and adorable daughters. I'm also thankful for a loving Savior who paid the ultimate price for me to be happy and able to return to him one day. I think teaching my children about Christ is the greatest gift I could ever give them. What a better time than Christmas to feel of his spirit all around and share his love with others.

Hope all of you are feeling the spirit of Christmas as the last week is upon us and the mad dash to get everything done sets in. Good Luck!

Sunday, December 16

Anniversary Getaway

It is Jim and I's 7th anniversary today (Love you, Babe!), and we just got home from a getaway weekend to Salt Lake. This has kind of become our tradition the last few years. We leave our kids with Grandma (thanks a bunch, Mom), stay in a nice hotel for a couple of days, and do whatever we feel like for the weekend. This year we ate at some cool restaurants, went to the spa for facials (Jim's motto is "don't knock it 'til you've tried it") and a pedicure for me, went shopping at the malls and Cabella's, worked out together (the best since we never get to), drove around looking at the gorgeous houses and Christmas lights, and just hung out, slept in, and laughed a lot. It was so great to be just the two of us again. A couple needs that every so often to remind each other why they fell in love and to get a fresh perspective on their marriage. I recommend it to all!

Wednesday, December 12

Recovery Week

Now that ballet week is over, I'm finding myself very tired, lazy, and lacking in motivation. Ashtyn has gone to church and two days of school with straight hair; the cleaning supplies have been in the bathroom unused for five days; the presents are yet to be wrapped; and I've only cooked two nights this week. The one good thing is that I've gone to the gym every morning and spent more down-time with the kids.

The Nutcracker was amazing, and Ashtyn was so dang cute and really good. The Utah Regional Ballet Company (professional dancers) performed with the kids to make it a really awesome show-even my Dad enjoyed it! Ashtyn's dream is to be a professional dancer, and I know she has the talent to do so. The director of the pro. dancers even commented how good Ashtyn was for her age. Yeah-I'll have to keep in contact so they'll remember her when she gets older. Here are the costumes Ashtyn wore!
Ashtyn was a little girl in the party scene who got her bear taken away, then danced with all the other little girls at the party!

Ashtyn was an overture princess dancing for Clara at the Land of Sweets.

Ashtyn was a Madomoiselle and got to come out of Madame Ginger's big skirt to peform her dance. This was definitely the cutest!
I'm surprised how well Ashtyn survived the week. Ballet is truly her passion!

This is what I did to her hair five times last week (not including switching it to a bun mid-performance).

Before After

Ashtyn has thick hair and a lot of it so the whole process took me a couple of hours each time! Jim cleaned our bathroom last night (what a great hubby!) and had to scrape the hairspray off the floor.

Now I need to get off my butt and clean the girls bathroom. You know-the one that's been waiting for five days. But before I go, here's some pictures of Ashtyn after her last performance with the flowers she got from Daddy and her great-grandma! We love our little ballerina!

Great Job, Ashtyn!

Friday, December 7

Ballet on the Brain

Sorry everyone for such a long break from posting. We are all breathing ballet this week because Ashtyn performs in the Nutcracker tonight (already peformed a matinee today) and tomorrow night. Ashtyn is only 5, but this is her third Nutcracker performance and she has three parts this year. Ballet is truly her passion and God-given talent (believe me-I don't have a dancing bone in my body; just ask my high school friends how horrible I was when they tried to teach me to move my hips!). If she didn't love it so much, I definitely would not go through this week.

She has had ballet every night this week for 4-5 hours. Most of the girls either dance Friday or Saturday night, but Ashtyn dances both. What can I say-she's amazing for her age. I am helping backstage so I've been there every night as well. By tomorrow's end, I will have done Ashtyn's entire hair in ringlets five times and in a bun five times, and also done her makeup 5 times (mascara and eyeliner included, which also means scrubbing her face in the tub every night). Ashtyn has three costume changes and I have to put her hair in a bun after her first part in the party scene. I think we've gone through an entire bottle of hairspray and a few hundred bobby pins. I also have to help 12 other little girls through two costume changes. Moral of the story: don't wear high-heeled boots every night! My feet are killing me!

I will post some pictures soon, but I left my camera at the theatre. Good thing I'll be there again tonight and tomorrow. One of Ashtyn's costumes is the prettiest purple, poofy dress and pantalooms. She looks so dang cute! My husband deserves a big thankyou for watching the younger girls so much this week and eating cereal for dinner on several occasions.

Great message for us all

I saw this and couldn't believe the wisdom and faith of such a young boy. Definitely a touching moment. Check it out:

Thursday, November 15

My beautiful Girl!

I know, I know... should I send her to Hollywood now? We got our family pictures taken last weekend (nightmare!!!) and this is one of Ashtyn's. Her's all turned out beautiful, which I can't say about the rest of us. I will be posting some in the next few days. I know I'm a little prejudice, but I think Ashtyn is gorgeous.

Until next week...

Jim and I are working on our disco dance this week. When we master the disco fever, I will post our dance for your viewing pleasure.

We've been busy!

Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!

Sorry I haven't posted for so long. All of my free time has gone to my dance lessons with Jim.

Tuesday, October 30


The time is actually 12:25 a.m. (Blogger always records the time a couple hours behind) And yes, I am awake and thriving. What is up with my stupid self? I should have gone to bed at 10:00 like any sane parent should. I didn't go to bed last night 'til 1:45 a.m. and am sleep-deprived already. I have always been a night owl, and I am worse when Jim is out of town. (Yes, he is out of town again. Can we say 5 weeks in a row?) I don't know if I stay up because I finally have time to myself without needy kids or a horny husband, or if I'm just hard-wired to stay up late. Whatever it is, it's beginning to take it's toll on me.

My late-night ways used to not be a problem when I could sleep in and be lazy all day. But now that I'm working and have to be up and ready by 7:30 (6:00 if I want to work out-ha,ha!) to start the morning with my kids before work in the afternoon, I'm having a harder time staying bright-eyed when the late afternoon rolls in and I'm staring at a computer editing nuclear engineer manuals. It's also not good for trying to lose weight!

Several factors weigh (ha,ha again) in: When Jim is gone, I don't feel like cooking healthy for picky kids who won't eat it. I usually just eat the kids mac & cheese, peanut butter, McDonalds, and whatever else is fast and easy. I also have been taking a Dr. Pepper and Milk Duds to work to help ward off the afternoon drowsiness (I have to admit-some days I just want to crawl under my desk so no one will see me and take a quick nap). And then there is the late night snacking while I catch up on the DVR recordings of Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars, and Desperate Housewives. Can you imagine how this can quickly turn out of control? Luckily, I've only gained 2 pounds over the last few weeks but if I don't stop now, 2 pounds will turn into 30. Help!!! I need inspiration. I need motivation. I need calorie-free pop that tastes good and keeps me awake. I need a few more hours in the day. I need more sleep.......... Excuse me while I go crawl in to bed and lay there for another 30 minutes until I drift off. It is now 12:45! Do you ever wonder if it would be better to just stay up all night and clean your house. Think sleepy thoughts, Christine. Think sleepy thoughts. Goodnight!

Soiled, wet, and a sheep you won't forget!

We went to my brother's Halloween party Saturday night with a bunch of friends from high school (it's nice only being 1 year apart in school because we have a lot of the same friends-and I'll have you know I didn't kiss any of the guys present when I was in high school! I can't always say that when my brother's friends get together. Hey-there's just something HOT about your older brother's friends when you're a teenager!) ANYWAY, back to the subject! We all dressed up with our families and had a night full of food and fun. We did all of the traditional games like bobbing for apples and eating donuts tied to strings. The kids had a blast and were all pretty soaked by night's end. We also bowled with pumpkins, painted pumpkins, played a vicious sock game, and a hilarious question game. The costumes were great and dang funny. We had a pregnant nun, a male "Little Bo Peep" and the sheep, a Pimp Daddy, a mullet dude, and a doctor and her patient who couldn't keep control of his bowels. The kids were all adorable of course!

The night of the pumpkin massacre

Jim and I and the girls all piled into the kitchen and onto the island for a night of pumpkin carving fun. It took a few minutes for the girls to really get into the guts, but then they all just went for it. They ditched the spoons and dug with their hands! Avery got a kick of spooning out guts (well, a seed or two each time) and dumping them into the bowl. She also got brave and tasted the yummy, slimy, orange goop. She was not pleasantly suprised! We even carved one of the pumpkins for our Black cat, Tillie! What a great time together as a family. Which poses the question: Do you think every Mormon family across the world carved pumpkins for FHE?

The finished product: 3 adorable girls; 3 amazing pumpkins!

Thursday, October 25

Where Have I Been?

I wish I could say I've been away on some exotic vacation or thrilling adventure, but to be honest, I've just had a major case of blogging block and busyness. And the fact that Jim has taken my camera on all of his recent trips. He has been gone the last 4 weeks in a row on business and on hunting trips (Oregon, Guam, Alpine, and Denver), which has left me to fend for myself in childcare and work responsibilities. I did get to spend last weekend scrapbooking with the women in my family. It was a lot of fun and a huge necessity since I haven't even opened the scrapbook supply since the last time we got together six months ago. Of course Jim wasn't successful on his hunts, so he wants to ago again this weekend. "Sure, why not." He better freakin' get something cause I'm running out of patience.

Wednesday, October 10

The Hassmans are Alive with the Sound of Music

Since we didn't get to watch Conference on Saturday because our Dish satellite was full of snow, the girls (well, Ashtyn) and I watched The Sound of Music. It is probably one of my all-time favorite movies! Ashtyn, who is just five, absolutely loved it! She has begged to watch it every day since. Granted it is quite long, I've let her a just a couple of times but each time, have sat down again to watch it myself. So much for all of the cleaning I was going to get done the last few days. Ashtyn said tonight, "I'm Liesle, and I'm 16." Her favorite part is when Liesle gets her first kiss and says, "wheeeeeeeeeee". How adorable! Jordyn and Avery also think it is funny when I sing "Climb every Mountain" at the top of my lungs while they're in the bathtub. Good thing Daddy is gone; he might think we've all gone crazy by all the singing going on in our house!

Love/Hate Relationship!

Airplanes definitely make our life easier. But I'm beginning to believe they make our life more stressful. My husband just called to tell me that his flight has, once again, been delayed. He gets to hang out in the Honolulu airport for the next five hours in the middle of the night. Imagine being in Hawaii and not being able to get out and have some fun. This means he won't get home 'til way later tomorrow (if he makes his connecting flight which leaves only 20 minutes after he is supposed to land-yeah-good luck!). The kids were so excited when I put them to bed tonight knowing their Daddy would be home when they woke up. Not so much! I swear Jim has the worst luck. He gets delayed on probably 85% of his flights-I swear, no exageration. And since he travels quite a bit, the delays really add up. Airplanes: gotta love 'em; gotta hate 'em!

Monday, October 8

Happy Columbus Day!

My husband took my camera to Guam for the week so I doubt I'll be posting much. Too bad because I wanted to take a picture of our Winter Wonderland on Saturday. It was so crazy! We have branches all over our yard and I seriously thought our big cottonwood tree was going to fall on our house. It is 65 degrees today and beautiful! Thanks Columbus for finding this amazing land!

Friday, October 5

Into the Skies...

My hubby is off to Guam in the morning for the next week. Poor guy-he has to be at the airport at 5am for 21 hours of travel time. And he just got back from Oregon for five days on Thursday. He is so sick of airplanes! I've gotten used to him being gone a lot and am not quite the wuss I used to be at home by myself getting scared at every little noise. But I still have a fear that his plane is going to crash and I won't have a husband and my kids won't have a Daddy. Why do I think such things? Pray for the pilots and safe landing for Jim. We will miss him! Every time Avery hears a loud vroom sound (car outside, 4-wheeler, washer, etc. ) she says "Daddy" because she thinks it's his big, loud truck pulling into the garage. It is so sad to see her run to the door and want her Daddy. Hopefully this week will fly (no pun intended) by!

I'm always afraid something like this will happen but much worse-especially since Jim mostly flys over the ocean!

Tuesday, October 2

Head over wheels!

What great parents we are! Jordyn fell out of the cart onto her head at Sam's Club the other night! I seriously thought she had a concussion because the floor is concrete, the carts are tall, and she got a big, blue bump on the back of her head. She was dazed and really pale for about 20 minutes. I totally wanted to take her in but Jim convinced me to just see how she acted the next few hours. Everything turned out fine and after checking on her during the night a few times, she woke up her usual, happy self. This is her the morning after! Mothers out there-I know you think this will never happen to your child (like I thought), but please be careful. It happens before you know it!

Friday, September 28

March of Dimes

I saw this You Tube video today and was touched. I am so thankful and blessed to have 3 children who have come very easily and very healthy. My heart goes out to all the women who experience problems/complications with their pregnancies and birth. March of Dimes is usually one of the charities I often give to, but I have to be honest that I sometimes get annoyed because I get something almost every two weeks from them. (I end up giving the address label stickers to my kids to play with). I guess it helps to see this video and realize how much of a difference this charity makes. If you have any extra change, send it their way!

Wednesday, September 26

I think I can, I think I can....

I apologize for not updating my blog more! The days just keep getting crazier. Working everyday is starting to throw me for a loop. The hours are great, but I'm used to having a day to do errands, you know, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning the house. I'm trying to fit all that into my mornings and it's getting a bit hectic. This week in review thus far:

  • Monday morning-went to the store to buy a b-day present for Ashtyn's friend (her party was that afternoon); visiting teachers came

  • Tuesday morning-went visiting teaching to 3 ladies (yes, the end of the month must be coming); attended my first Primary presidency meeting. Did I mention I was called this Sunday as the Primary Secretary-the busiest secretary out of any organization in the church. Remember a few blogs ago when I said Primary is a divine calling NOT FOR ME! I guess someone with connections must have read my blog!

  • Wednesday morning- the Primary Secretary came this morning to train me. Now along with work I have weekly meetings and 1-2 hours of computer work for primary each week and bishopric meetings every other Sunday. Bring it on!

  • I've had to do all of this before 11:00 each day to get back home, get the kids fed, and Ashtyn off to school before the baby-sitter comes and I leave for work.

Wow! I'm exhausted. I forgot to mention the meeting with the architect Tuesday morning to design our house plans and the no sleep Monday night staying up to go over all of the details of the house plans.

I also opened up my Parenting magazine for a quick read before bed and saw their need for freelance writers. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has always been my dream to write for this magazine. Seriously! My degree is in professional writing; I have 3 kids for experience on the subject matter; I have already written a couple of articles for my sample writing packet; I work as an editor both of novels and technical documents; and let's face it, I'm dang funny and they'd love me so much, they'd turn me into a regular column each month. It is meant to be, I swear!

Wish me luck the rest of the week! My butt is going to be glued to the computer chair (and some to the couch late at night since I'm DVR'ing all of the season premiers). Let's pray my kids still want me after this crazy week!

Wednesday, September 19

My kids will never do that!

Let me first apologize to any men out there who happen to come across this. I know how much you love anything to do with this subject.

I know all of you mothers out there, and pre-mothers also, have gone through the "my child will never do that" series:

  • My child will never have a binky past 1, especially in church.
  • My child will never look like a rag-muffin in public.
  • My child will never have a snotty nose or dirty face.
  • My child will never act like that....
  • My child will never wear clothes that don't match.
  • My child will never have diaper rash because I'll always change their diaper right when it's wet.
  • Blah, blah, blah, blah

Of course I was one of those girls who always said this whenever I witnessed another child doing something or looking like something I didn't approve of for my future children. Of course I would have perfect, clean, well-behaved, put-together children. Don't we all think that? Let me just tell you, expectations are meant to be broken.

For the most part, my children are the sweet, pure, well-behaved, beautiful children that I always dreamed of. But....I can't leave for church without knowing I have two binkys (one backup); I once let my daughter go to the store in her raggy, dress-up Snow White dress; one of my kids always has a runny nose; my 5 year-old-daughter ended up changing the poopy baby the other day because I was on the phone and she was sick of smelling her sister; and the worst of all, I came into the bathroom the other day to find the scene in the above picture. Didn't I just get something like that on my email and was so thankful my children would never do something like that?

Oh, and did I mention, their timing was perfect as the inevitable day for Mommy was fast approaching and I had just purchased that box the day before. Back to Wal-Mart for the embarrasing "lone box of tampons in the shopping cart". Hey, at least it wasn't a pregancy test, huh!

Friday, September 14

No time to Chat

Just a quick hello to everyone. I don't have a lot of time to blog this week. My husband has been in Santa Fe for three days and I'm crazy enough to have an open house this weekend. Yes, our house is for sale! So with work, kid care, and house cleaning to it's best, I don't think I've even sat down to take a break the last few days. I'll have to count these few minutes! Remind me to post about our exciting "tampon incidence" that I swore my kids would never do. In the meantime, if you know of anyone who wants to move to Idaho Falls and is looking in the $450,00-$500,00 range, send them my way. I'm getting sick of always keeping it clean!!!

Here's our lovely Hassman home soon to go to the first bidder:

Tuesday, September 11

Ridin' the Bull

I was talked into riding the bull at the fair this year. I actually did quite well and didn't fall off 'til the very end. For those who haven't experienced this rush, I advise you to "work-out" your wrist before. It kills! This picture brings up one question: Who looks meaner, Me or the Bull?

Monday, September 10

Fair Fantastic!

We went to the Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot last week. It was tons of fun as usual. The kids loved all the animals, especially the goats and bunnies. We were all amazed at the 765 lb. pig, even though the smell was awful. The parents loved all the yummy food and fun booths. Ashtyn even got to be on t.v. when the weatherman asked her to help him on the news. She stood so straight and still the whole time trying to look grown up. It was a great night with Grandma and Grandpa, great-grandpa and grandma, and Cameron, Katie, and the boys. Until next year...

Friday, September 7

Perfect Pair

Since I started work and Ashtyn started school, we've been missing out on our afternoons together. So on Monday, the two of us went to the salon to spend some quality time together. Ashtyn got her first pedicure! She was a little ticklish but absolutely loved the pink sparkly polish and flower design. She also got her fingernails painted while Mommy got her toes done. It was so cute to be there with her at such a big girl, grownup moment.

Girls are so fun!

Tuesday, September 4

Not so divine of a Sunday

Now that we've established my husband being gone this weekend, what did I do you ask? Absolutely nothing! I did brave church by myself with the three little ones. I tried to get a cute picture of them in their matching dresses, but Avery was not having it. As was the rest of the day. Did I mention it was the first Sunday switching to 9:00 a.m. with Sacrament last? Getting up and getting the girls ready on time was a feat in itself. I had to wake the two little ones up at 8:30, shove some breakfast in, slap a dress on, and run a comb through their hair. After dropping Jordyn off (screaming) in nursery, I made my way to primary (with Avery) to sit with my class who thought they didn't have a teacher. Oh, and by the way, the teacher of the other CTR class just went in to labor this morning (6 weeks early), "can you take her class, too?" Sure, why not? So I had 14 kids in class, with Avery who was an absolute terror(she apparently doesn't like to hold still or be quiet in church), and tried to get through a lesson on the sacrament, which turned into a lesson on "Didn't Jesus know wine was bad?". AAAHHH!!!! Primary is definitely a divine calling NOT FOR ME. I then had to make it through sacrament with three tired kids who had already had enough of the chapel (yes, primary is in the chapel because our ward is made up of kids) and had already eaten the snacks-I understand it was fast sunday but throw me a frickin' bone. Everything's ok 'cause I can go home and take a nap, right? Yeah right! Jordy came in about six times, every five minutes:

  • "Mommy, I'm poopy."
  • "Mommy, I need a snack."
  • "Mommy, can you open my fruit snacks."
  • "Mommy, my little feets hurt."
  • "Mommy, I fell off the couch."
  • "Mommy, Avery is awake."
Awesome! Jim comes home later than he originally thinks, and when he calls to tell me, I can hear my brother in the background, "You better be naked and ready to ----." Whatever spiritual uplift, though it be small, I managed to get on this wonderful Sunday was just completely diminished. Hope you all had a great one!

My husband left me for my brother

Ok-so instead of camping or doing something fun with the WHOLE family like every other family did this Labor Day weekend, my husband left us alone to go camping/scouting with my brother. Somehow my brother always gets in the way of family time. Jim always teases me that he's gonna leave me for my brother. And what's with scouting anyway? Like the elk and deer are going to be in the same place the actual week of "the hunt". I think it's just another excuse to get out. I'm going to start "scouting" stores before their sales to see if I can fill my tag.

I'm sure the boys got some great male bonding time (whatever that entails-I don't want to know). Actually, they were pretending they were the dude from Man vs. Wild and tried to start a fire with just sticks for 2 1/2 hours. They also didn't take much food because they would just eat the fish they were going to catch. Or at least a nice snake!

Wednesday, August 29

Hair Trauma

Did I mention I've had to do all of this the last few days with crappy hair? I think my 1-year-old managed to throw away my flat-iron without me noticing (we've searched the entire house and with her history of throwing away her binky, stuffed animals, my keys, my hair brush, her toothbrush, tupperware, books, and countless other items that I find throughout the day, this seems like the best explanation.) Thanks little one!

Tuesday, August 28

No turning back

First let me apologize beforehand if this entry is quite lengthy. There is simply no other way to explain.

I've been meaning to get back to the last sentence of my previous blog. You know, the one about starting work. First of all, I've never worked a day since my first child was born. I've been with my kids all day, every day for their whole lives. I love being able to stay home with my kids and watch them grow up (it happens so fast). But, as every mother knows, sometimes I just need a little break away from them so I don't go crazy. I've been thinking the last couple of months that maybe I should get a part-time job just so I can change up my days a little bit and interract with other adults. Well, before I knew it, a great opportunity came up last week. My husband let me know of a technical writer/editor position opening up at Scientech, an engineering company
based in I.F. that builds operating systems for nuclear reactors around the world. (What the ?)

I don't know anything about nuclear reactors, engineering, operating systems, and anything else in the technical field. How in the heck was I going to write manuals and documents explaining stuff I had no clue about. degree is in professional writing/editing and I have some editing experience so Jim prodded me to go for it. To make a long story short, I submitted my resume'; they called me the next day (Friday) at 9:30, wanted an interview at 10:30(I hadn't even showered and it was my daughter's first week of Kindergarten); and hired me at 11:30.

OKAY!!! So now I have a job, need a baby-sitter, am going camping in like three hours, have our house on the market and must keep it clean for unexpected showings, and start full-time on Monday morning. What just happened to my freedom of being lazy all day, every day if I want. Yes, they want me 40 hours this first week to train ("and I've never had to leave my kids all day?" RIGHT-I cried the first morning trying to leave). The first day by noon I was thinking "what the heck did I get myself into" and wanted to bag the whole thing as I sat crying in my car, eating lunch alone and missing my kids. Did I mention that my husband, who found me the job in the first place and pushed me to get it, was out of town my first two days. Aahhh!!! But today went much better and I feel way more confident in my abilities and a little more familiar with their computer programs and systems. We'll see how the next few days go. After this week, I only have to work 20 hours a week, which is perfect because I get to set my own hours. The pay is amazing and I still can spend all morning with my kids, take my daughter to kindergarten on my way, and be gone while my other two are taking their afternoon nap. I found a great baby-sitter who will come to my house, and her first day (today) went great. The kids love her! Yes people, I realize I am trying to justify becoming a working mom, but the situation couldn't be any more perfect for me. Oh, except that I still don't know much about nuclear reactors.

Sunday, August 26

Into the woods...

We went camping the last couple of days with our little family. It was a lot of fun, and of course I forgot my camera. I'm such an idiot! We took a 16-mile 4-wheeler ride up in the mountains and after surviving quite a rough, steep trail(with all of us on one 4-wheeler) we found a beautiful little lake at the bottom of the trail. The surroundings were amazing, and I was reminded how awesome nature really is. We saw lot's of butterflys, dragon flys, chipmunks, a grouse, and even a doe with her fawn along the trail. The kids loved it! It was a fun trip and we even got some swimming in(kid's favorite), and some smore eating in(my favorite). We wanted to get in one more trip before the cold settles in and the busy schedules take over. Did I mention I start work on Monday morning.....aahhhhhh!!!!

Wednesday, August 22

Boring boob tube

I don't know about any of you, but I can't wait for all of the fall premiers to start. For some reason, I get sucked into all of them and if it weren't for DVR, my poor children would be watching a lot of shows they shouldn't. Good thing summer t.v. has nothing to offer(except for Curtis on "Take Home Chef") so I can be a good mom half of the year. Good luck waiting for all of you fellow primetime junkies!

1st Day of School

I always hear of these Moms who cry uncontrollably and can't let their children go on the first day of school. Well, Ashytn's first day of kindergarten was today, and I sent her off with all smiles and a hallelujah. Not that I'm cold and uncaring, but knowing how excited she was made it easier to let her go. She's been counting down the days for the last month, and we've been playing at her school playground pretending she's at recess. Ashtyn is the easiest child who will adjust to anything. She has the sweetest disposition and loves everything. Her teacher told me today how Ashtyn tried to comfort a little boy in her class who was crying by sitting by him and rubbing his back. She was born a nurturer. I know I am playing the proud mom, but it is so nice to have such a caring, easy-going child. I need to enjoy her all I can because I can't say the same for her two younger sisters.

Monday, August 20

Bear Scare

I went to a retreat with some women from my ward to a cabin in Island Park this weekend. It was so much fun to get away. The pransker in me came out and suggested an idea to scare all of the girls. I rode up with a friend from the ward who also has a cabin just down the street from the one we stayed in. I've stayed at my friend's cabin a few times and inside they have a full bear mount. We snuck out and brought the bear back (with a little help from some guys who were staying at her cabin) and placed it (quietly) outside one of the windows. We went inside and a few minutes later, the guys started growling near the open window. The girls started freaking out and when they looked up and saw a bear at the window (claws up, mouth open) everyone started screaming and scrambling across the room. A couple of the girls actually got scratches and rug burns from the other ladies climbing over them. It was pretty hilarious! By the way, there have actually been three real bear sightings on the island in the past week. I couldn't have picked a better scare!

Thursday, August 16

In Memory

Just a few pictures I have since my Grandpa moved here two years ago from California. It was so nice to have him close his last couple of years and let my children get to know their great-grandpa. This last week has been hectic with all of the family in town for his funeral. It was so nice to see all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins. The funeral was so nice and everything turned out just right. We had military rights for Grandpa at the cemetery. It was so touching to see those elderly men (knowing there are not many left) showing respect for their fellow comrade.

Grandpa wanted me to give his life sketch, and I was honored to do so yet dumbfounded why he'd want me. I can only think that he heard me speak at my college graduation a few years ago and was so unimpressed that he wanted to give me a second chance at public speaking, or he was so impressed that he wanted a scholar (ha, ha) to speak at his funeral. Whatever reason, I was touched. Now that things have calmed down and the company has left my house, I'll try to be a more frequent blogger to all of you who can't get through their day without knowing what I've been up to (I only wish I was that popular). Anyways, a hard week to get through but one that brought family together to share in our love for a very dear grandfather.

Friday, August 10

What a day

I managed to be quite productive today without even a plan to start with this morning. I can only be lazy for too long. My crossed-off list today:
  1. Bathed all three(wait, 4) girls
  2. Washed and folded(that's the hard part) six loads of laundry
  3. Cleaned out the kitty litter box(thank goodness for the canal by our house)
  4. Changed all three girl's bedding(thus contributing to the laundry)
  5. Baked banana bread and cookies as "thankyou's" for the neighbors(minus a few from the baker's taste-test)
  6. Loaded and unloaded the dishwasher(twice)
  7. Went to Home Depot for a new sprinkler head(those dang "honey-do's")
  8. Vacuumed the entire downstairs and furniture(thanks Tillie for all the cat hair)
(Notice there is no mention of going to the gym-I've been on a two-week excercise hiatus. It's been kind of nice to sleep-in!)
I know this doesn't seem like a lot to all you Martha's out there, but for me(who has not one ounce of Martha blood in her), it's quite the accomplishment. Now for today....