Tuesday, September 4

My husband left me for my brother

Ok-so instead of camping or doing something fun with the WHOLE family like every other family did this Labor Day weekend, my husband left us alone to go camping/scouting with my brother. Somehow my brother always gets in the way of family time. Jim always teases me that he's gonna leave me for my brother. And what's with scouting anyway? Like the elk and deer are going to be in the same place the actual week of "the hunt". I think it's just another excuse to get out. I'm going to start "scouting" stores before their sales to see if I can fill my tag.

I'm sure the boys got some great male bonding time (whatever that entails-I don't want to know). Actually, they were pretending they were the dude from Man vs. Wild and tried to start a fire with just sticks for 2 1/2 hours. They also didn't take much food because they would just eat the fish they were going to catch. Or at least a nice snake!



Tommy and Gina McGary said...

Hey, I think we should go "scouting" for some sales together! Leave the little ones at home ALL weekend and just enjoy "nature"!

Christine said...

We totally should Gina!