Thursday, February 28

Bodily Fluids Overload

Ok-so yesterday Avery woke up covered in throwup. Today she woke up covered in diarrhea: up to her neck; in her toes; all over her blankets! Poor little girl-I don't know if this is connected to the chicken pox or if she has some sort of stomach bug. So into the bath she goes with little floating poop pieces allover, and I get to wash bedding AGAIN. It's not just changing the sheets mind you; it's untying all the bumper pad strings, taking out the mattress, washing the sheets, the mattress pads, the blankets, and the stuffed animals that she sleeps with. And then I get to put it all together again before she goes for a nap in a couple of hours!

Sorry for blogging about bodily funtions, but as most of you know, this is just a day in the life of a mom! I'm so excited to get out of bed tomorrow to see what suprise I'll find in Avery's bed. The anticipation is killing me! I think I'll start a new blog series: "The Chronicles of Crap and Other Yummy Fluids." Do you think it will be a hit?
I took this picture a while ago, but it looks like she's in the perfect "crouch mode" for dropping a load so I had to put it on here.

Wednesday, February 27

Mommy needs a Vacation!!!

Just thought I'd add to the craziness of the last few weeks. As if we haven't had enough. Avery woke up at 5:30 a.m. covered in throw-up (I thought we were done with that last week). Avery finally fell back asleep (in my bed) about 7:00 but then Jordyn came down and got in my bed and woke up Avery. They've been playing ever since, and I haven't been sleeping. Since Jim is out-of-town, I did my usual stay up 'til 2:00 a.m. so I got 3 1/2 hours of sleep. Yeah!

But I did learn one thing from the throwing up a couple of weeks ago: Chunks do not dissolve in the washer! So I was scraping the sheets, blankets, jammies, and elmo stuffed doll this morning with a spoon to get the chunks off before washing everything. Let's just say I don't have much of an appetite this morning (which could be another good thing!).

Happy Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, February 26

My Paper Dolls

Do you ever find yourselves living vicariously through your kids? This has become my favorite thing to do. I love to shop-not for me because I'm way self-conscious and think I look too fat in everything, but for my girls. All the fashions and styles I wish I could wear I buy for my girls. Poor things-they are probably sweating in their thick sweaters and furry boots, but I can't resist. I put them through all kinds of torture: matching hats and hairbows; different shoes with each outfit; winter tights with snowflakes and sparkly stripes; poofy GAP coats with fur-trimmed hoods; flared jeans with rhinestone embellishments; mini-skirts and sundresses; little bikinis where their fat tummies stick out; the list goes on and on. Every time I see Ashtyn's little butt in cute jeans, I think "why can't my hiney look that good?"

Honestly, I find so many cute things in the baby section that I'd want to wear. Can they make that in my size? Umm....Except for the bikinis and mini-skirts. I don't think anybody wants to see my jiggly stomach and thighs hanging out.

Sunday, February 24

It's been a while....

I apologize for my lengthy retreat. Between an entire sick family with influenza and a computer bogged down with viruses, I haven't been able to blog. Let me tell you it's been hell! I almost had to check myself into a medical facility for withdrawal symptoms. And not from being absent from my own blog, but from being away from all of yours. I felt like I was missing everyone else's reality.

Anyway, I promise to do better this week after I download the pictures from my camera. And if my cat leaves me alone. Every time I sit at the desk, she jumps up and plops right in front of the computer so I can't see. I have to scoot her over, and then she sits and watches me for the rest of the time. I swear, if one of my kids isn't hanging on me, it's the cat. AAAHHHH!!!

Oh yeah, did I mention that Avery has chicken pox? And I just found spots on Ashtyn and Jordyn. What a year!!!!

Wednesday, February 6

Wishing away Winter!

(My little family on a 4-wheeler ride last summer in the mountains. We stopped at a little spring to cool off, swig some gatorade, and snap a picture for posterity.)
Oh how I wish for sunny weather and snowless days. I wish my little family was in the mountains right now on a warm, summer day instead of curled up by the fireplace trying to stay warm. Don't get me wrong, I love living in a place where we get to witness the four seasons at their best, but this particular one has overstayed it's welcome at my house. We just received 6 inches of snow last night and are expected to receive 4-5 more tonight (on top of the tons of snow we already have-I think there is close to 4 feet in our backyard).

And of course Jim is out of town; thanks to my Dad and neighbor for plowing me out this morning. Can you imagine me and my three girls loaded up on the 4-wheeler in all of our fat snow clothes trying to figure out the blade to plow the driveway? I guess I could resort to the perfectly capable snow shovel, but who wants to get that much exercise in one afternoon. We have a very long driveway!

I'm thankful for all the snow we've received as our reservoirs will be full this spring and our farmers will have enough water for their crops. It is also so beautiful outside with the land blanketed in a glistening snow. I should hardly complain since the Lord is blessing us, but I am longing for the days when I can complain that it is too hot because my legs are sticking to the leather seats in my car. Will I ever be happy?

Monday, February 4

Book of Mormon Challenge

To honor President Hinckley, a challenge has been made to read the Book of Mormon in 97 days. To be honest, I have never read the entire Book of Mormon. I have started it a thousand times but have never completed it. I have had such strong feelings these past few years that I need to read it, but I've let a million things (and excuses) get in the way.

I am excited and completely DETERMINED to achieve this goal and take on the challenge. I was so touched watching President Hinckley's funeral, and with tears rolling down my face, I felt in my heart that I need to do better to follow his great example and stand a little taller. I had an overwhelming feeling to go to the temple more, as it would have a direct effect on my becoming a better mother. I just felt so many different emotions during the funeral that I know need to be acted upon.

I am thankful for a loving prophet, who even in is death, has continued to inspire me and touch my life. Last month when I was writing my New Year's Resolutions, I decided this would be the year to have my testimony and spiritual growth my #1 priority. Yes, I need to lose weight. Yes, I need to stop biting my fingernails. Yes, I need to me a better mother, wife, and homemaker.......But in order to do all of this, I first need to recognize that I am a Child of God, and he loves me. I need to find a way to love myself so I can love and serve others the best I can-I think the key is in my own spiritual journey.

I hope all of you can strengthen your own testimonies in some way this year, also. I hope you will all rededicate your lives to living the example our great prophet has shown us. There has never been a better time than now. Jim and I recently heard a quote that we both loved: "It is never too late to become what you could have been."

I'm sure some of us will fall short at times; feel inadequate or think we can't possibly do anymore. I'm sure some of us will have small successes along the way; little moments of growth that will change us forever. But along the way, if we support eachother and remember we are not alone, I think it will be a really great year! If you want to take on this challenge with me, go to and let me know so we can do it together. Good Luck!