Wednesday, October 10

Love/Hate Relationship!

Airplanes definitely make our life easier. But I'm beginning to believe they make our life more stressful. My husband just called to tell me that his flight has, once again, been delayed. He gets to hang out in the Honolulu airport for the next five hours in the middle of the night. Imagine being in Hawaii and not being able to get out and have some fun. This means he won't get home 'til way later tomorrow (if he makes his connecting flight which leaves only 20 minutes after he is supposed to land-yeah-good luck!). The kids were so excited when I put them to bed tonight knowing their Daddy would be home when they woke up. Not so much! I swear Jim has the worst luck. He gets delayed on probably 85% of his flights-I swear, no exageration. And since he travels quite a bit, the delays really add up. Airplanes: gotta love 'em; gotta hate 'em!


Rasmussen Family said...

Aaron and I were wondering what it is that Jim does that he has to travel so much? I think that you might have told us once but we forgot. Since my first pregnancy my mind has never been the same.

Calli said...

There's nothing worse. I can symapatize with him. When I was traveling a lot with the adoption work I used to do, I was always getting delayed. It must be Hassman luck--bad luck that is.

christine said...

Jim is a general manager over govt. and local utilities for a software company here in town. They are a partner of Oracle and are global. He has clients all over that use his company's software. He is over all of them! As for the details, I have no idea!