Thursday, September 24

It's a GIRL!!!

The baby is still a boy (hopefully), but we have another new little one running around and keeping us (me) busy. I had a moment of weakness/niceness at the fair a few weeks ago and let the kids and Jim come home with a puppy. What was I thinking? I have been adamant about "no dog" the last couple of years-we don't even have a fence. I've also been pretty adamant about only wanting a Lab once we do get a puppy. Jim has wanted some sort of "cow dog" to be around his horses, but I think all of the "cow" breeds are ugly. Well this little girl is a black lab/heeler mix, which fits our criteria perfectly. She looks mostly like a lab with white spotted paws that make her so cute. I've never seen Jim get so instantly attached to a dog, and Ashtyn has been begging for one for the past couple of years. So I guess this is for my husband and daughter!
But guess who is taking the most care of her? Yes-Me! Jim has been out of town every week since we got her and is now hunting for 7 days. Did I mention she is only 8 weeks, not potty-trained, and loves to chew(especially the girls ankles)? So I am desperately trying to potty train her (yes, waking up in the middle of the night; yes, cleaning up "accidents" and scooping poo from the yard) and teach her some manners before I have another little newborn to take care of in a few months. Ashtyn has been pretty great with her and takes her potty before school, plays with her when she gets home, and makes sure she gets fed and watered.
We named her Ellie and she is pretty adorable, just a lot of work. I just keep imagining when she's not so little anymore and the poop piles get bigger (in the snow). What fun! Combined with the horse, cat, fish, suburban, and almost 4 kids, we are turning into the typical American "Fam Damily"! Maybe we should move to a farm 'cause the little girls are now wanting a goat!