Tuesday, May 27

Memorial Day!!!

The rain really put a damper on our Memorial Day festivities this year. I have always loved to visit the graves each year. I have been going with my mom for as long as I can remember. We have a lot of immediate family and friends that we always make it to, and some years we even visit my mom's extended relatives spanning many different cemetaries. I took Ashtyn this year because she seems to have gotten my love for this as well and understands the respect and honor of visiting someone's grave. We only made it to my sister's, nephew's, grandma's, grandpa's, best friend's, and fiance's on Saturday before the rain began pouring, but it was really nice to get out and take flowers to each of them.

Memorial Day seems to have become more of a vacation weekend then a remembrance weeked. I think it's sad that people would rather go camping then take a moment to pay respect to their loved ones that have passed on. I will always consider it a special holiday because I have several loved ones who are waiting on the other side that I think of constantly throughout the year, and I always look forward to visiting their graves and honoring them for touching my life. On Saturday, we had 4 generations together to visit our family members' graves: my grandpa, my mother, me, and my daughter. It is touching that my family keeps this as an important part of their lives each year, and I'm excited to carry on this tradition with my daughters.

Tuesday, May 20

I Will Be Victorious!

Some ladies in my ward started a Biggest Loser competition for the next 6 weeks. I totally joined in so I can finally lose those last 15 pounds. It started yesterday and we have weigh in every Monday at 6:30 am. The person who loses the most every week gets $10 and whoever loses the most in six weeks gets the pot, which will probably be around $220. Hey-that's a couple new summer outfits I could get! It was funny to see all the women running around the neighborhood (myself included) yesterday morning. I totally want to win but don't know because I was the second lightest person (I guess I'm not as bad as I thought!) to weigh in. I've heard that the farther you are from your goal weight, the easier it is to lose weight at first. But I'll give it all I got because my 10 year H.S. reunion is also in about six weeks and it would be great if I could be smokin' hot to make all the boys jealous (totally kiddin' but you know what I'm talking about Britney and Heidi!). Wish me luck; keep me motivated; and please no baked goods delivered on my doorstep (that's what I'll be doing to all the other contestants!!!).

Wednesday, May 14


Jordyn and Avery recently had their 3rd and 2nd birthdays. It's been amazing to see these little girls grow up so close together (12 months, 2 weeks exactly!) and develop a bond with one another. They definitely have their "enemy" moments, but for the most part, they are great friends and play well together almost every day. Because they are so close in size and age, I get asked if they are twins about 3-4 times a week (pretty much whenever I go out with both of them). I don't think they look alike, but I guess strangers see something I don't. I guess it also doesn't help when I coordinate their clothes, but it's just too much fun! The girls pretty much wear the same size of clothes and shoes and like most of the same things (which doesn't help the sharing factor).
They both had their well-baby checkups today (a lady in the waiting room asked if they were twins) and the appointment just reaffirmed how close they are. Jordyn weighs 25 3/4 lbs., and Avery weighs 25 1/2 lbs. Jordyn is 36 1/2 inches, and Avery is 34 1/2 inches. I guess they really could pass for twins, and sometimes I really just want to answer yes when people ask me. Although these little girls keep me on my toes and sometimes give me headaches with the constant noise, I'm thankful they came to me when they did and have the unique personalities they do. I love them like crazy!

Friday, May 9

WHAT THE ?!?!?!?!?

My security level of protecting my daughters has just becomed heightened. Ashtyn came home from school yesterday and told me, "Mom, guess what? At school, Chandler told me I was SEXY and HOT." You would think I was talking about a teenage daughter, right? NO-Ashtyn is a Kindergartner! Come on-I didn't even know kids that age knew the word sexy. After freaking out in my mind for a minute thinking how the innocence of my precious daughter was being disturbed, I asked Ashtyn, "what did you do?"

She said, "I told him we weren't supposed to say that and if he did, he would have to go to the principal's office." Then she told her teacher! Yeah Ashtyn! I guess I have taught her a few things. I guess her innocence is still in tact (at least for another day)! Even though it was an eye-opening moment for me about what is yet to come with three daughters, it was also a proud moment for me that Ashtyn handled it the way she did.
(The hole in her sock is especially sexy, don't ya think? Time to go through her drawers and get rid of the"used".)

Thursday, May 1

Just like kids!

Last week we all worked together to vaccinate our horses. It took quite the crew since the horses are still young and not used to people. They had to be roped and harnessed (quite the circus!!! Chance tried to jump the fence!) to get them to hold still so Trent could stick the needle in. Thanks Trent for doing most of the work and saving us a vet bill-the vaccinations were pricey enough! Thanks also to Brad and Cameron for helping hold the horses.
I held a lead rope for the first time with my horse and did better than I thought. I started freaking out when they would start to run, but Jim talked me through it and I held on. They calmed down enough for us to pet them and brush them a little. It was so great, and I'm starting to get pretty attached to these little guys! Ashtyn absolutely loves them and was able to brush them a little also last week. Jim thinks they are like our children and wants to work with them every day to raise (train) them in the particular way he wants. He is very specific with what they need to learn and how they'll learn it. He thinks he is the new horse whisperer from all the videos, books, and magazines he uses to learn the "proper techniques." I'm glad he is getting to do what he loves-I just wish he didn't have to travel so much so he could see them everyday.
Getting the horses was probably a good thing for us to postpone having more kids. I'm starting to get baby hungry (I promise nothing will happen for another year or two!!) but Jim won't even think about babies right now because he has two already. He says the horses need our time right now and would get neglected if we had a baby. He wants to focus on them and get them all trained before we even think about a baby. Maybe this is God's way of giving us the sons we'll never have! I know-a long stretch but at least they are male!