Tuesday, July 31

Why do I always think it is so much easier to haul my kids to McDonalds instead of making them a healthy lunch at home? Maybe it's the mere fact that I just need to get out more (hey-McDonalds counts). And why do I have such an addiction to salty fries? I've been eating them since I was pregnant with my first and haven't stopped. I think I just may have cured that with today's outing. My baby choked on one; my two-year-old stepped on a smashed one with bear feet; a little boy had two shoved up his nose; and they didn't even taste all that good today. Hurray! Now maybe I can lose that baby bulge I've had since my third (ok-my first). Oh wait-I also forgot the addiction to candy. Pray for bad experiences with candy the next few days!

Monday, July 30

I finally did it

After countless hours spent on other's blog pages, recently being referred to as a "blog-checker", vicariously living my life through people I don't even know through their blog, and secretly wanting for the longest time to create my own, I'm finally and officially my own page in the blog world. I can't promise amazing and inspirational posts each time (heck-I just barely learned how to download pictures from the digital I almost always forget to take with me), but I will try to share just a moment from my days with all of you. Probably more for my sanity than your fulfillment. Thanks to all of you bloggers who have kept my days uplifting and inspired me to get my butt in the computer chair for a "higher purpose" than browsing. At least now I can show my husband something when he asks "what did you do today?" and the laundry is still unfolded on the couch and dinner is yet to be made. Hey, it's been fun!