Monday, January 28

In his loving arms...

What an amazing man! I was so sad to hear of President Hinckley's passing yesterday. Jim and I both shed tears over the great love we have for him. He truly is a prophet of God, and has touched so many with his gentle manner. We will miss him, but I'm so happy that he is once again in the arms of his sweet wife. I'm sure they are sharing their own glorious moment of peace and happiness.

Wednesday, January 23


I think this is so sad! I really liked Heath as an actor-I love Ten Things I Hate About You. I feel so bad for his little daughter. He obviously loved her so much and she looks so much like him. Whether it was a drug overdose or not, this seems to be happening more and more. When is the world going to get a clue on the dangers of drugs-prescription or illegal? They are both dangerous!

Sad situations like these always put things into perspective to make sure you tell your loved ones how you feel. Too bad mine is on a plane right now heading to Texas! Hopefully he already knows how much I love him, but I'll tell him again when he calls tonight.

Tuesday, January 22

Three Amigos!

I swore I'd never be one of those moms who dressed their kids alike. But it is just way too cute not to-especially having 3 girls. I usually only have them in coordinating colors but these overalls were too adorable to pass up. (Notice the slight difference in their pink shirts. Hey, they have to have a little uniqueness, don't they?) By the way, age 5 is way worse than terrible two's! Ashtyn decided to have an attitude and not smile. Oh how I look forward to the teenage years!

Monday, January 21

Writer's strike rediculous!

This writer's strike is getting pretty dang annoying. I keep forgetting it's happening until I go to check my DVR for the latest episode of Desperate Housewive's (I'll repent later!!) and nothing is recorded. I know this sounds pretty lame, but I actually look forward to the show every Sunday night for a little escape from reality before Monday starts with all of the craziness of a new week. If every actor donated one of their cars or 10 pair of designer shoes to the writers, maybe they could get something worked out. COME ON, there are people starving all over this world, and Hollywood alone has enough money to change that. What's up?

Tuesday, January 15

Kids' Christmas 2007

Thursday, January 3

All Bundled Up!

Help! I can't move! Little kids in snowsuits are so dang cute. Jordyn liked it for a little while, then felt a little too constricted and wanted it off. Idaho is so dang cold that to enjoy the snow, one must wear layer after layer as to resemble the little brother in "The Christmas Story". Hey, at least it's not a bunny suit


The Hassman Nativity

I've decided this is as close to Angel as Avery is going to get. The children in our family dress up for the Nativity Scene every year, and Avery played the part of Angel. Too bad she has been acting like a little devil lately. I seriously think she is just too smart and gets bored so easily. She's into everything, and now she throws attitude into everything. She can talk better than most 2 1/2 year-olds, knows her ABC's, counts to 11, and sings several songs including "I am a Child of God". I don't know what to do with her 'cause she's do dang cute, but sometimes I want to slip a little tranquilizer into her sippy cup (not really for all of you who are worried about an impending breakdown-I'm Fine!).

Ashtyn was Mary, and Jordyn was the tiny little shepard with the white head piece and brown headband. She kept saying "I'm a wiseman". Who do you think enjoyed this little play more, the kids or the parents?