Monday, May 17

As for this guy....

I don't think it's possible for a mother to love her child more than I love my little man. He is 4 months now and absolutely adorable. I am totally eating him up and spending most of my days just snuggling and playing with him. He is such a good baby: very laid back, happy, and hardly every cries (just whines a little!). He is the most smiley, playful baby I've had and has been laughing so much lately. We've had so many people tell us what a smiley baby he is cuz he seriously smiles all day, and it's the kind that shows all over his face (dimples and in his eyes). I sometimes forget he is still a little baby cuz he loves to be rolled around on the floor and fly in the air. Maybe it's just because he's a boy, but I am definitely "playing" with him more than I did with my girls at this age (you know "girls are fragile; boys are rough and tumble").

I thought he was a pretty chunky baby, but at almost 4 1/2 months, he is only in the 20% percentile weighing in at 13.6 lbs and is 25 inches long (48%). So he's actually quite a little guy but still has the squishy fat on his thighs that I love to kiss and tickle. Seriously, is there anything better?

Kian absolutely loves his sisters and will smile at them the most. He saves his most smiley, sincere, genuine smile for them and it brings tears to my eyes when he interacts with the girls. He's happy to be held by any of them, which is good since one of them is always wanting him. He loves attention and as long as someone is talking to him or looking at him, he is totally happy! (Uh oh, do you think we are spoiling him too much?)

He has been sleeping great and is getting on a more consistent schedule. He goes to bed around 9 and usually sleeps til 4-5 (sometimes 6!!!!) and then goes right back to bed til 7:30-8. There are times when I have to get up to put his binky in but it's usually during the first hour he goes to bed and then he's fine for the rest of the night. He loves to take naps in his car seat and can usually be found taking his morning/evening nap in the car seat, in the laundry room, with the fan on. (Hey, with the 4th kid whatever works, right?)

He is a great eater and loves his bottle. He doesn't care if it's cold, warm, formula, breastmilk, different from what he's used to; he just eats and doesn't complain-unless it runs out and he hasn't had enough. Then he makes the cutest little whine and starts kicking his feet until he gets more!
I am absolutely, totally, head-over-heels in love with this little man and if I could freeze him at this age, I would for the rest of my life. He could just be my doll that I would play with like a child! Couldn't have asked for a sweeter, happier, more adorable baby that has totally melted his family's heart. I am thankful every moment for the son I never thought I'd have or need.

Happy (late) Birthday Avery!

Can't believe my baby is 4! Avery has been the baby for the past 4 years and we have completely doted on her. She has been such a fun kid with a spunky, fireball of a personality that makes her even cuter. She is the most grown-up 4 yr-old I know and can't believe how much older she seems when she is around other kids her age. Maybe it's because she's been around Jordyn all day, every day since she's been born and they seem like twins. They have the same friends and go to the same preschool class so sometimes I forget she isn't 5 like the rest of them! We've thouroughly enjoyed this kid and love her to pieces! Happy late birthday-sorry mommy can't keep up and post on your actual bday!
Jordyn and Avery got to have their 1st friend party this year and were looking forward to it for so long. The girls loved it, but it was quite interesting having 11 little girls in the house all at once (lot's of whining and competition: "my turn, my turn", "I want to be first", "it's not fair that she won", "I want a prize", etc.). Girls are definitely emotional and I think Jordyn and Avery picked up on it cuz they finally said, "it doesn't matter who wins, we can still have fun" and "let's all be nice". Maybe my teaching efforts are getting through!

They both got new bikes (Barbie and Princess of course!) and have been riding them everyday since. They are both growing up way too fast and for the most part, are the best of friends!