Wednesday, September 26

I think I can, I think I can....

I apologize for not updating my blog more! The days just keep getting crazier. Working everyday is starting to throw me for a loop. The hours are great, but I'm used to having a day to do errands, you know, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning the house. I'm trying to fit all that into my mornings and it's getting a bit hectic. This week in review thus far:

  • Monday morning-went to the store to buy a b-day present for Ashtyn's friend (her party was that afternoon); visiting teachers came

  • Tuesday morning-went visiting teaching to 3 ladies (yes, the end of the month must be coming); attended my first Primary presidency meeting. Did I mention I was called this Sunday as the Primary Secretary-the busiest secretary out of any organization in the church. Remember a few blogs ago when I said Primary is a divine calling NOT FOR ME! I guess someone with connections must have read my blog!

  • Wednesday morning- the Primary Secretary came this morning to train me. Now along with work I have weekly meetings and 1-2 hours of computer work for primary each week and bishopric meetings every other Sunday. Bring it on!

  • I've had to do all of this before 11:00 each day to get back home, get the kids fed, and Ashtyn off to school before the baby-sitter comes and I leave for work.

Wow! I'm exhausted. I forgot to mention the meeting with the architect Tuesday morning to design our house plans and the no sleep Monday night staying up to go over all of the details of the house plans.

I also opened up my Parenting magazine for a quick read before bed and saw their need for freelance writers. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has always been my dream to write for this magazine. Seriously! My degree is in professional writing; I have 3 kids for experience on the subject matter; I have already written a couple of articles for my sample writing packet; I work as an editor both of novels and technical documents; and let's face it, I'm dang funny and they'd love me so much, they'd turn me into a regular column each month. It is meant to be, I swear!

Wish me luck the rest of the week! My butt is going to be glued to the computer chair (and some to the couch late at night since I'm DVR'ing all of the season premiers). Let's pray my kids still want me after this crazy week!

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Tommy and Gina McGary said...

Hey Christine! I'm also the Primary Secretary in our ward. If you need some ideas I have a few...
Good luck with that parenting magazine thing! You would be awesome at that- G