Tuesday, October 21

Sleeping Beauties

Since Ashtyn started first grade, Jordyn and Avery have become the best of little friends since they only have each other to play with during the day. It is so cute to listen to them playing upstairs and the way they talk to each other. I think Jordyn loves finally being able to be the older sister with all the ideas while Ashtyn's away. The other day they had been playing "house" in Avery's closet for most of the morning before I announced it was nap time. They had already gotten all the blankets down from the shelves in Avery's closet, and Jordyn said "can we sleep in the closet?" Usually I am a stickler for sleeping in your own bed, but they were being so sweet and I thought "why not?" So I let them and this is how they ended up! Jordyn slept for about an hour, and Avery slept for 3 1/2 hours. I think they got a little hot from the confined space and body heat 'cause their cheeks look flushed. It sounds bad that my kids took a nap in the closet, but it was too adorable not to snap a memory.

Thursday, October 16

4th Picture Tag

This tag seemed easy enough since I've been horrible at blogging lately. This is Jordyn a little before she was 1 (I think!). She has the finest hair that is always fly-away. Doesn't she look a little like Elmer Fudd?