Monday, March 2

Gracie Girl

My heart has been heavy this past week as I've been following the story of this precious baby girl. Her family had to say goodbye to her today and my heart is aching for them. I'm so thankful they have shared her life through their blog, which has touched the lives of so many. I'm sure it will touch yours as well as you read through her incredible journey. I know the power of prayer can be so strong and I ask you to include Gracie's family in your prayers as I've done with hundreds of others this week.

Even though my heart is breaking for this family, I can't help but feel grateful that I have three beautiful, healthy little girls to hold onto everday. I am so blessed and lucky to be their mother. Stories like Gracie's are so quick to touch my heart and life and seem to inspire me to be a better mother each day. Even though I fail on numerous occasions, I hope at the end of each day my girls know how much I love them. How I wish the world would stop for a day so I could spend it just holding, loving, and hugging my precious daughters for the entire day. No dishes, No laundry, No work, No computer, No chores, No school, No carpool, No Nothing-Just love!