Friday, August 10

What a day

I managed to be quite productive today without even a plan to start with this morning. I can only be lazy for too long. My crossed-off list today:
  1. Bathed all three(wait, 4) girls
  2. Washed and folded(that's the hard part) six loads of laundry
  3. Cleaned out the kitty litter box(thank goodness for the canal by our house)
  4. Changed all three girl's bedding(thus contributing to the laundry)
  5. Baked banana bread and cookies as "thankyou's" for the neighbors(minus a few from the baker's taste-test)
  6. Loaded and unloaded the dishwasher(twice)
  7. Went to Home Depot for a new sprinkler head(those dang "honey-do's")
  8. Vacuumed the entire downstairs and furniture(thanks Tillie for all the cat hair)
(Notice there is no mention of going to the gym-I've been on a two-week excercise hiatus. It's been kind of nice to sleep-in!)
I know this doesn't seem like a lot to all you Martha's out there, but for me(who has not one ounce of Martha blood in her), it's quite the accomplishment. Now for today....

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