Tuesday, October 30

Soiled, wet, and a sheep you won't forget!

We went to my brother's Halloween party Saturday night with a bunch of friends from high school (it's nice only being 1 year apart in school because we have a lot of the same friends-and I'll have you know I didn't kiss any of the guys present when I was in high school! I can't always say that when my brother's friends get together. Hey-there's just something HOT about your older brother's friends when you're a teenager!) ANYWAY, back to the subject! We all dressed up with our families and had a night full of food and fun. We did all of the traditional games like bobbing for apples and eating donuts tied to strings. The kids had a blast and were all pretty soaked by night's end. We also bowled with pumpkins, painted pumpkins, played a vicious sock game, and a hilarious question game. The costumes were great and dang funny. We had a pregnant nun, a male "Little Bo Peep" and the sheep, a Pimp Daddy, a mullet dude, and a doctor and her patient who couldn't keep control of his bowels. The kids were all adorable of course!

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