Sunday, December 16

Anniversary Getaway

It is Jim and I's 7th anniversary today (Love you, Babe!), and we just got home from a getaway weekend to Salt Lake. This has kind of become our tradition the last few years. We leave our kids with Grandma (thanks a bunch, Mom), stay in a nice hotel for a couple of days, and do whatever we feel like for the weekend. This year we ate at some cool restaurants, went to the spa for facials (Jim's motto is "don't knock it 'til you've tried it") and a pedicure for me, went shopping at the malls and Cabella's, worked out together (the best since we never get to), drove around looking at the gorgeous houses and Christmas lights, and just hung out, slept in, and laughed a lot. It was so great to be just the two of us again. A couple needs that every so often to remind each other why they fell in love and to get a fresh perspective on their marriage. I recommend it to all!


Tommy and Gina said...

What a fun time - I'm a little jealous! G

Rasmussen Family said...

I am really jealous!!! Our anniversary is on the twenty-second and that is the day after we plan on getting to IF. We have two family Christmas partys that we have to stop in at (since we have not seen most of them for six months) But, I am hoping that we can hit a temple session in the morning and then a nice lunch. Such is the life of those who get married so close to Christmas. Oh, and the fact that Aaron isn't making bank yet ;)

Calli said...

It's too bad we didn't know you were down here...I could have stalked you! oh, and we had extra tickets to the Concert on Saturday night.