Wednesday, May 6

Happy Birthday Avery!

Avery has been going to preschool with Jordyn for the last couple of months and absolutely loves it. She was the birthday girl today!

I can't get enough of my sweet Avery. I don't want her to be three today because it means she is no longer my baby. I have enjoyed her so much and want her to stay little. She is at the cutest stage right now, learning so much and acting like a big girl, yet still snuggling me and giving me kisses whenever I ask. She is quite the little spunk with a stubborn streak-but it makes her even more irresistible. I'm so glad she decided to join our family on her own terms-suprising the heck out of all of us and making things a little hard (with two babies!!) but bringing so much love and happiness. I love you little one and hope you have a great birthday (now stay little forever!!!).