Friday, December 21

Scarlet Fever Anyone?

Ashtyn hasn't been feeling well since Tuesday, and I finally took her in yesterday after looking in her mouth with a flashlight and finding all sorts of yummy germs. Turns out she has Scarlet Fever! I know, I are probably thinking about the mobs of people Scarlet Fever used to kill back in the day. I was a little shocked myself, but not to worry, it's not as bad as most people think as long as it is treated (which, back in the day, their was no treatment for anything). It is basically a severe form a strep throat that has progressed to a bumpy red rash allover. What a great Mom I am to have let it progress! They're treating her with a strong dose of antibiotics, and we're supposed to stay out of public for a few days. I think Ashtyn felt worse about missing the family Christmas party with her cousins than the actual sickness. Poor girl-I felt so bad for her (me too, since I also didn't get to go!!).
She's feeling a lot better today, but to our utter joy (not), now Jordyn has strep throat, and I'm sure Avery is on her way since she had a slight fever before her nap. Lucky us! A house full of antibiotics that taste gross and make for some yummy toilet/diaper experiences! Wish us luck! As long as the girls are better for Christmas, I won't complain. Especially since we have some of Jim's family coming to town to stay with us for Christmas. (Did I mention one of them is only 3 weeks old-they might want to consider a hotel.)
I hope this finds you all a little healthier than my house is right now. Warning to the wise: don't come near our house-it is full of nasty, little grinch germs that are trying to take away the Christmas magic. We will conquer!

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Tommy and Gina said...

I hope all your girls feel better soon! Thank goodness for modern medicine! Merry Christmas- Gina