Wednesday, January 27

My Little Man!

Just some pics of my sweet little guy! (out of order of course-the last one is of him just a couple days old)

Kian is absolutely adorable and stealing all of our hearts. I'm afraid he's going to be one spoiled boy because we all love him so much. He has a pretty content personality and is a wonderful sleeper so far. This past week has been a little rough because of his circumcision, but he is getting better and happier as each day comes.

He loves to be wrapped tight to sleep and snuggled on mommy's chest. We are loving all of the snuggly blankets he has since he is my only winter baby.

He loves his ocean bouncy chair with the vibration and "white noise" on. He doesn't like his swing (poor me)!

He thinks he is starving the past few days and has been eating every two hours. He should only be eating about 1 1/2 ounces for his age but easily sucks down 2-3 and wants more. Uh oh-maybe I"ll finally have a chubby kid!

He has big, beautiful eyes and is very expressive. He started smiling this week and cooed for the first time yesterday. He did it twice again today-absolutely the cutest thing ever when he works up his whole body to make one tiny sound. Love it!

I can't believe he is already 3 weeks old and wish I could freeze time since I love the newborn stage. It is a lot of work but so rewarding since he is so sweet, innocent, and straight from heaven. I definitely think we'll keep him!!!

Wednesday, January 6

He is here!!!

Kian James Hassman
January 5, 2010
6:51 pm
7 lb 13 oz 19 inches
I am so excited my little boy is finally here! Who knew I'd be so smitten with a boy but I definitely am already. I can't stop kissing him and staring at him. We are home and he is barely 1 day old but I can't stand staying in the hospital any longer than I have to. I'm still figuring out the changing a boy's diaper thing (poor guy already peed on himself twice), but I'm learning and can't wait for all the other adventures he will bring.
I will post more pictures later but for now, I'm exhausted and am going to bed while Kian is sleeping. He is completely tuckered out after a day of tests, visitors, and trying to figure out this crazy, scary world!

Saturday, January 2


This little baby boy of mine is being stubborn! I am so ready for him to come out. After trying to come early at 34 weeks (hospital stay and two weeks of meds to keep him in), I thought for sure he would have been here by now. I've been having "teaser" contractions for the last 4 weeks and am getting impatient. I think it's worse waiting when you get your hopes up that he might come early. We already missed the tax deduction for 2009 and the met deductible for 2009, so I don't know what he's waiting for! Anyone know of any tricks to get him here that I haven't already tried?

My doctor has been out of town since Christmas Eve so I haven't had a chance to be induced, but I'm planning on it for Tuesday when he's back in town. I've never had to be induced and have had all my babies with no "drugs" so I'm a little scared of whether I can handle Pitocin. I've heard it's bad! Anyway, just a little venting to get out my frustration. I'm so excited to have this little guy and want to see what he looks like (and I don't want him to get any bigger than he already is!) that I can hardly stand it.

Send any ideas my way if you have the "secret"-I'm sure I've already tried it, but I'm willing to try again!