Tuesday, October 30

The night of the pumpkin massacre

Jim and I and the girls all piled into the kitchen and onto the island for a night of pumpkin carving fun. It took a few minutes for the girls to really get into the guts, but then they all just went for it. They ditched the spoons and dug with their hands! Avery got a kick of spooning out guts (well, a seed or two each time) and dumping them into the bowl. She also got brave and tasted the yummy, slimy, orange goop. She was not pleasantly suprised! We even carved one of the pumpkins for our Black cat, Tillie! What a great time together as a family. Which poses the question: Do you think every Mormon family across the world carved pumpkins for FHE?

The finished product: 3 adorable girls; 3 amazing pumpkins!

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