Friday, April 25

Gotta Love Girls!!!

Ashtyn had a couple of friends over after school for a princess party! They couldn't have their tea party until they were dressed-up, made-up, accessorized, and perfumed. How adorable! Girls are so easily entertained and have been up there for hours playing together. I never mind Ashtyn having a friend over because it actually makes my job a little easier. I don't totally ignore them the whole time, but I do let them have their space without Mom while I get a few things done around the house. Like updating my blog-hasn't that become a new household chore?

Tuesday, April 22

Happy Birthday Jordyn!!!

Jordyn turned 3 today!!! I can't believe how fast the years have gone! We are so blessed and happy to have Jordy in our family. She is such a character and has the most infectious laugh. We always tell her to laugh because it is one of those genuine, make's everyone else laugh, adorable laugh each and every time. I just did a post on her a couple of weeks ago so I won't share a lot, just that we love her like crazy and think she is beautiful. We call her our little precious moments doll because she looks like one (this is a picture of her on her 2nd b-day). Her big loves right now are Dora, silly songs, riding her bike, and helping Mommy!

Monday, April 21

Is it a sign?

We've had our house for sale for a while now and have had a ton of hits, but no sales. Could it be because our sign keeps blowing down? We've gone through about 7 signs in the last couple of months because they keep blowing away. We've tried a couple different frames, signs, and even placement to try and prevent this from happening again. I keep telling Jim that if our sign blows down again, we are going to stay here and not sell. We always end up buying another one. So I have to ask, do you think it's a sign that our sign keeps blowing away. Are we meant to just stay in this house and in this neighborhood? It's getting so frusrating, not to mention expensive with all the signs we keep buying. AAAHHH!!!!!

Thursday, April 17


Ok-so I think I just got the motivation I need to FINALLY get my butt in gear and FINALLY stick to a work-out/diet program. Our family went to see our horses tonight and I always get cold so I had about 5 layers on, including a bulky jacket. Then we had to run to the store so I was not looking my best (hay in my hair; ugly jacket on). I saw a girl from my ward there and she came up and said, "Ok- I have to be nosy. Are you pregnant cause your stomach is stickin' out." Awesome!!!! I looked down and did look quite pregnant cause my jacket's zipper made a natural, poke-out curve right on my stomach (not to mention the extra fat underneath-I swear having kids 12 months apart ruins your body forever. My stomach will never return to normal until after the tummy tuck that I'm totally planning on having after I'm done having kids).

I actually like to work-out but only will do it if I go to the gym. I'm not much of work-out-at-home girl; I always end up finding other things to do. The only problem with this is that Jim goes out of town a lot-he just got back from being gone for 6 days. I'll do really good for a couple of weeks, and then Jim goes out-of-town and I lose all motivation because I can't get to the gym. I know, Excuses, Excuses!!! I could take all my kids to the gym daycare, but when it breaks out with hand-foot-and-mouth disease every year, I don't even want to get near.

So anyway, whether Jim's home or not, I've got my clothes set out for tomorrow morning, my slim-in-6 dvd in the player (I love this workout!!!), and my resistance bands ready to go. The "pregnant" comment was just the kick in the butt that I needed. I'm probably the only person this has happened to since all the rest of you are so naturally tiny. Have I mentioned I hate you all!!!!

Monday, April 14

Christine's Cat Catastrophe

I am feeling quite awful today. Last night I ran over my friend's cat! It was around 9:30 and pretty dark so I barely saw it dash out in front of my tires. I wasn't even going that fast because I had just stopped at a stop sign and was starting to gain speed again. I tried to slam on my breaks but I hit it anyway. I was so shaken up and it took me about 10 minutes to muster up the courage to go knock on her door. The cat had ran off and collapsed on a driveway a couple houses down, and I wasn't sure if it was hers but thought I would start there. We walked down and sure enough, it was her's. I immediately started crying and think I cried worse than she did. She was so nice about it, but I feel completely awful-especially for her kids who were already in bed and would have to find out this morning. Of course Jim is out-of-town so I didn't have anyone to cry to all night, which I did! I see this friend all the time and feel so awful.

Has this happened to anyone else? What did you do? I tried to call her today to see how everyone took the news, and I also wanted to take her over something I got for the kids, but I don't know what else to do. I also offered to buy them a new cat but she just called and said they aren't going to get another cat until they move out of this subdivision. This is their 2nd cat in a year and a half to get ran over (that makes me feel so much better). I think her husband is mad at me because he thinks I was driving too fast, but I swear I wasn't going more than 15-18 mph. How am I going to look at this friend in the future and not think about killing her cat? Any suggestions.....

Thursday, April 3

ABC's of ME

I've been tagged-thanks Amberlee!

A-Attached or Single? attached
B-Best Friend? Jim (does anybody dare not to put their husband?)
C-Cake or Pie? cake (yellow is my favorite!!)
D-Day of Choice? Saturday (usually means Jim will be home)
E-Essential Item? chapstick and baby wipes
F-Favorite Color? pink, blue, and chocolate brown
G-Gummy bears or worms? worms (I prefer the green and white ones)
H-Hometown? Idaho Falls
I-Favorite Indulgence? brownies, Milky Ways
J-January or July? July (does anyone like January?)
K-Kids? Ashtyn (5 1/2), Jordyn (almost 3), Avery (almost 2)
L-Life isn't complete without? family and gospel
M-Marriage date? December 16, 2000 (It was freezing!!!)
N-Number of brothers and sister? 2 brothers, 2 sisters
O-Oranges or apples? apples (only because I hate peeling oranges)
P-Phobia or fears? spiders, mountain lions, strangers breaking in my house while Jim is out of town (not that he could hear them when he's sleeping anyway)
Q-Quote? "It is never too late to become what you could have been"
R-Reason to smile? 3 beautiful girls
S-Season of choice? Summer-I am always cold!
T-Tag 3 people: Christine, Calli, Heidi
U-Unknown facts about me? I'm a little OCD in some areas (loading the dishwasher, silverware organization in the drawers, shoes in my closet, hangers all facing the same way and organized according to color and sleeve length-I know, I'm such a nerd-I even do it with Jim's shirts)
V-Vegetable? peas, green beans, cauliflower-I like most of them!
W-Worst habit? chewing my fingernails, and EATING!!! (you would think I'd be full from the fingernails! J/K-how gross!)
X-X-ray or ultrasound? ultrasound
Y-Your favorite food? pasta, sandwiches, candy (does that count as a food?)
Z-Zodiac sign? Scorpio

Tuesday, April 1

Ashtyn and Jordyn

I'm finally doing the tag of Ashtyn and Jordyn (sorry it's taken so long Amberlee!). What can I say? Ashtyn and Jordyn have been different from the very start. Ashtyn was a very calm, happy, non-crying baby. Jordyn was a crier from day one and wanted to be held all the time (maybe she knew she'd only have 12 short months before Avery kicked her out of the baby position).

Ashtyn has always loved an audience and even when she was small, used to do the silliest things just to make people laugh.
Jordyn has always been shy around people and is usually attached to Mommy's leg in a crowd. She is finally starting to come out of her shell and enjoy other people.
Ashtyn is my pickiest eater while Jordyn is my best. Ashtyn loves anything unhealthy (chips, candy, fries, junk) and has been a meat and potato girl since she got her first teeth. Jordyn likes anything healthy and loves vegetables. She doesn't eat a lot of meat and doesn't like chips or fries (can this child really be mine?) She is also my best at trying new things. Ashtyn won't touch anything that is mixed up, saucy, or isn't plain or bland. If it looks weird or has more than a couple of ingredients in it, she won't eat it (frustrating!!!).
Ashtyn and Jordyn have both been early learners. Ashtyn walked at 9 1/2 months and was potty-trained at 22 months. Her first word was Elmo at 7 months and she hasn't stopped talking. She knew her ABC's, colors, and letters really early and is now reading in Kindergarten ( I can't believe she's almost 6). One of my favorite memories is Ashtyn's early love for country music. Before she was even two, she had all the country guys memorized and had a crush on Keith Urban. If we sang a song or heard one on the radio, she knew who sang it. We would ask her, "who sings 'itty bitty' and she'd say 'Alan Jackson', or 'who sings 'Live like you were dying' and she'd say 'Tim McGraw'. " Her memory is amazing and we used to always make her peform that talent in front of people. She still remembers small details from years ago that I can't even remember.
Jordyn walked at 12 months and was potty-trained at 26 months. Her first word was deer (we were at Sportsman's Warehouse and Daddy was so proud). She has also turned into quite the gabber. She talks and sings all day long (especially in the car), and sometimes Mommy has to say be quiet just to get a moment of silence to think clearly. Jordyn also knows her numbers, ABC's, colors and loves songs. She is so excited to go to pre-school this fall and always talks about going to school with her Pooh Bear backpack. She loves to be included as a big girl and trys her hardest to do what the big kids are doing.
Ashtyn has always been pretty obedient and respectful (until the last few months when she's turned into a pre-teen. I swear the drama in our house has risen, and I hope this stage will pass soon). But she is still a great helper to Mom and loves anything to do with babies. She says every day that she wants to be a Mom and I know she's got that natural "nurturer" instinct in her. She is also very compassionate like her Mom and crys when someone else is hurting. She has that deep empathy where she can feel other's pain. Last week she wanted to watch the Testamants and cryed the whole time they were nailing Jesus to the cross. She is very tender-hearted and has started getting embarrassed more.
Jordyn is my most stubborn child and does not like to be disciplined or told what to do. I can just imagine some of our "power struggles" in the future. She hates picking up her toys but is also my most lovey child. She is a total Mama's girl and always wants to be where I am. Jorde loves to snuggle and help me cook, clean, and do the laundry. I can totally see her as a Mom who is always baking and doing projects around the house. She loves to paint and do crafts that have small details and require a lot of focus. I think she has her Daddy's smart mind that is always going and analyzing things.
Ashtyn and Jordyn play really well together (although they have their moments) and are good at entertaining themselves (especially on Sunday afternoons when Mommy and Daddy take naps!) Ashtyn loves to act like Jorde's mom and dress her up in fancy clothes and do her hair. It's so cute to watch them get ready together. They'll be playing together and Jordyn always asks, "Ashtyn, are you my Mommy?"
I couldn't imagine life without both of my sweet girls. I sometimes tease and say we should have stopped at one so we wouldn't mess up perfection (Ashtyn has pretty much been my angel child) but I wouldn't change either of them for anything. Jordyn's spunk and sense of humor makes me laugh everyday. Sometime when I'm having a grouchy day, I'll just listen to Jordyn and instantly feel happier. Like the other day when she was singing "Baa baa black sheep" and sang "one for the little girl who lives down the drain".
I am thankful for my beautiful girls and feel so blessed. Anytime things get a little crazy, hormonal, whiny, or have too much drama, I just have to remind myself that this is exactly what I've been wanting my whole life. To have all daughters and a house filled with the love and innocence of children.