Saturday, December 29

Whirlwind Christmas

Christmas was great this year! The girls were so excited to see that Santa had come (well, Ashtyn was. Jordyn was mad that we woke her up, and Avery was just happy as usual). It was so fun to open presents and watch their reactions! To all those who had a nice, calm, relaxing Christmas, I'm a little envious. We've been back and forth from Rexburg and I.F. trying to fit in both families. It's been so great to see everyone (Jim's family from Texas and Utah are here), and I'm so thankful to have such close families on both sides, it's just a little hectic trying to fit it all in. But I'm still in my jammies right now, and I wouldn't have wanted to miss any family. It was so great for the girls to see all of their cousins, and Jim's family is always so much fun. I'll post more pictures of the festivities when I have more time. Right now I need to go shower so we can head up to Rexburg again!

Friday, December 21

Scarlet Fever Anyone?

Ashtyn hasn't been feeling well since Tuesday, and I finally took her in yesterday after looking in her mouth with a flashlight and finding all sorts of yummy germs. Turns out she has Scarlet Fever! I know, I are probably thinking about the mobs of people Scarlet Fever used to kill back in the day. I was a little shocked myself, but not to worry, it's not as bad as most people think as long as it is treated (which, back in the day, their was no treatment for anything). It is basically a severe form a strep throat that has progressed to a bumpy red rash allover. What a great Mom I am to have let it progress! They're treating her with a strong dose of antibiotics, and we're supposed to stay out of public for a few days. I think Ashtyn felt worse about missing the family Christmas party with her cousins than the actual sickness. Poor girl-I felt so bad for her (me too, since I also didn't get to go!!).
She's feeling a lot better today, but to our utter joy (not), now Jordyn has strep throat, and I'm sure Avery is on her way since she had a slight fever before her nap. Lucky us! A house full of antibiotics that taste gross and make for some yummy toilet/diaper experiences! Wish us luck! As long as the girls are better for Christmas, I won't complain. Especially since we have some of Jim's family coming to town to stay with us for Christmas. (Did I mention one of them is only 3 weeks old-they might want to consider a hotel.)
I hope this finds you all a little healthier than my house is right now. Warning to the wise: don't come near our house-it is full of nasty, little grinch germs that are trying to take away the Christmas magic. We will conquer!

Tuesday, December 18

Santa Claus Meltdown

Avery has been loving Santa Claus this year and points to everything with a picture of him, gets excited, and says "Sanna Claus". It is so dang cute! We took the kids to the Mall a couple of weeks ago to sit on Santa's lap. Ashtyn wasn't shy at all, but seeing him in person (instead of on a kitchen towel) made Jordyn and Avery a little nervous. The only way to get them on his lap was for me to sit on it also. I guess I caught the Christmas spirit and the whole idea of why we sit on Santa's lap because my wish list just started spewing from my mouth. "Forget what my kids want, Santa, what about me?" I want; I want; I need; I need......

  • Ipod
  • True Religion jeans
  • New perfume
  • Snow board
  • Elliptical
  • Maid
  • Cook
  • Nanny
  • 10 fewer pounds
  • Bigger boobs
  • Smaller butt
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Makeover
  • Shopping spree to dress my new, HOT self
  • I don't sound vain at all, do I?

The list goes on and on, and mall security was finally called to force me off Santa' lap. I threw a terrible tantrum ("I wasn't finished; Let me speak") and made an embarrasing scene, but hey, I bet it will pay off on Christmas morning when my new boobs are under the tree.

Of course I didn't act like such a brat, but the memories of me as a child sitting on Santa's lap came flooding back. My list is actually not that big this year as I feel pretty blessed to have so many wonderful things in my life. Most importantly, my family-my great husband and adorable daughters. I'm also thankful for a loving Savior who paid the ultimate price for me to be happy and able to return to him one day. I think teaching my children about Christ is the greatest gift I could ever give them. What a better time than Christmas to feel of his spirit all around and share his love with others.

Hope all of you are feeling the spirit of Christmas as the last week is upon us and the mad dash to get everything done sets in. Good Luck!

Sunday, December 16

Anniversary Getaway

It is Jim and I's 7th anniversary today (Love you, Babe!), and we just got home from a getaway weekend to Salt Lake. This has kind of become our tradition the last few years. We leave our kids with Grandma (thanks a bunch, Mom), stay in a nice hotel for a couple of days, and do whatever we feel like for the weekend. This year we ate at some cool restaurants, went to the spa for facials (Jim's motto is "don't knock it 'til you've tried it") and a pedicure for me, went shopping at the malls and Cabella's, worked out together (the best since we never get to), drove around looking at the gorgeous houses and Christmas lights, and just hung out, slept in, and laughed a lot. It was so great to be just the two of us again. A couple needs that every so often to remind each other why they fell in love and to get a fresh perspective on their marriage. I recommend it to all!

Wednesday, December 12

Recovery Week

Now that ballet week is over, I'm finding myself very tired, lazy, and lacking in motivation. Ashtyn has gone to church and two days of school with straight hair; the cleaning supplies have been in the bathroom unused for five days; the presents are yet to be wrapped; and I've only cooked two nights this week. The one good thing is that I've gone to the gym every morning and spent more down-time with the kids.

The Nutcracker was amazing, and Ashtyn was so dang cute and really good. The Utah Regional Ballet Company (professional dancers) performed with the kids to make it a really awesome show-even my Dad enjoyed it! Ashtyn's dream is to be a professional dancer, and I know she has the talent to do so. The director of the pro. dancers even commented how good Ashtyn was for her age. Yeah-I'll have to keep in contact so they'll remember her when she gets older. Here are the costumes Ashtyn wore!
Ashtyn was a little girl in the party scene who got her bear taken away, then danced with all the other little girls at the party!

Ashtyn was an overture princess dancing for Clara at the Land of Sweets.

Ashtyn was a Madomoiselle and got to come out of Madame Ginger's big skirt to peform her dance. This was definitely the cutest!
I'm surprised how well Ashtyn survived the week. Ballet is truly her passion!

This is what I did to her hair five times last week (not including switching it to a bun mid-performance).

Before After

Ashtyn has thick hair and a lot of it so the whole process took me a couple of hours each time! Jim cleaned our bathroom last night (what a great hubby!) and had to scrape the hairspray off the floor.

Now I need to get off my butt and clean the girls bathroom. You know-the one that's been waiting for five days. But before I go, here's some pictures of Ashtyn after her last performance with the flowers she got from Daddy and her great-grandma! We love our little ballerina!

Great Job, Ashtyn!

Friday, December 7

Ballet on the Brain

Sorry everyone for such a long break from posting. We are all breathing ballet this week because Ashtyn performs in the Nutcracker tonight (already peformed a matinee today) and tomorrow night. Ashtyn is only 5, but this is her third Nutcracker performance and she has three parts this year. Ballet is truly her passion and God-given talent (believe me-I don't have a dancing bone in my body; just ask my high school friends how horrible I was when they tried to teach me to move my hips!). If she didn't love it so much, I definitely would not go through this week.

She has had ballet every night this week for 4-5 hours. Most of the girls either dance Friday or Saturday night, but Ashtyn dances both. What can I say-she's amazing for her age. I am helping backstage so I've been there every night as well. By tomorrow's end, I will have done Ashtyn's entire hair in ringlets five times and in a bun five times, and also done her makeup 5 times (mascara and eyeliner included, which also means scrubbing her face in the tub every night). Ashtyn has three costume changes and I have to put her hair in a bun after her first part in the party scene. I think we've gone through an entire bottle of hairspray and a few hundred bobby pins. I also have to help 12 other little girls through two costume changes. Moral of the story: don't wear high-heeled boots every night! My feet are killing me!

I will post some pictures soon, but I left my camera at the theatre. Good thing I'll be there again tonight and tomorrow. One of Ashtyn's costumes is the prettiest purple, poofy dress and pantalooms. She looks so dang cute! My husband deserves a big thankyou for watching the younger girls so much this week and eating cereal for dinner on several occasions.

Great message for us all

I saw this and couldn't believe the wisdom and faith of such a young boy. Definitely a touching moment. Check it out: