Thursday, August 16

In Memory

Just a few pictures I have since my Grandpa moved here two years ago from California. It was so nice to have him close his last couple of years and let my children get to know their great-grandpa. This last week has been hectic with all of the family in town for his funeral. It was so nice to see all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins. The funeral was so nice and everything turned out just right. We had military rights for Grandpa at the cemetery. It was so touching to see those elderly men (knowing there are not many left) showing respect for their fellow comrade.

Grandpa wanted me to give his life sketch, and I was honored to do so yet dumbfounded why he'd want me. I can only think that he heard me speak at my college graduation a few years ago and was so unimpressed that he wanted to give me a second chance at public speaking, or he was so impressed that he wanted a scholar (ha, ha) to speak at his funeral. Whatever reason, I was touched. Now that things have calmed down and the company has left my house, I'll try to be a more frequent blogger to all of you who can't get through their day without knowing what I've been up to (I only wish I was that popular). Anyways, a hard week to get through but one that brought family together to share in our love for a very dear grandfather.

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