Wednesday, August 22

1st Day of School

I always hear of these Moms who cry uncontrollably and can't let their children go on the first day of school. Well, Ashytn's first day of kindergarten was today, and I sent her off with all smiles and a hallelujah. Not that I'm cold and uncaring, but knowing how excited she was made it easier to let her go. She's been counting down the days for the last month, and we've been playing at her school playground pretending she's at recess. Ashtyn is the easiest child who will adjust to anything. She has the sweetest disposition and loves everything. Her teacher told me today how Ashtyn tried to comfort a little boy in her class who was crying by sitting by him and rubbing his back. She was born a nurturer. I know I am playing the proud mom, but it is so nice to have such a caring, easy-going child. I need to enjoy her all I can because I can't say the same for her two younger sisters.


Tommy and Gina McGary said...

Can I just say.... Mini Christine!!! What a darling little girl- G

Calli said...

Our little Ashtyn--all grown up and going to school. I'm glad to see she wasn't sporting Britany Spears school girl outfit--that's probably 10 years out still.