Wednesday, October 10

The Hassmans are Alive with the Sound of Music

Since we didn't get to watch Conference on Saturday because our Dish satellite was full of snow, the girls (well, Ashtyn) and I watched The Sound of Music. It is probably one of my all-time favorite movies! Ashtyn, who is just five, absolutely loved it! She has begged to watch it every day since. Granted it is quite long, I've let her a just a couple of times but each time, have sat down again to watch it myself. So much for all of the cleaning I was going to get done the last few days. Ashtyn said tonight, "I'm Liesle, and I'm 16." Her favorite part is when Liesle gets her first kiss and says, "wheeeeeeeeeee". How adorable! Jordyn and Avery also think it is funny when I sing "Climb every Mountain" at the top of my lungs while they're in the bathtub. Good thing Daddy is gone; he might think we've all gone crazy by all the singing going on in our house!


Rasmussen Family said...

My kids love musicals. They have watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Calamity Jane, and Benjamin has even sat through Fiddler on the Roof. I always have music on and we are always singing. And Aaron thinks that we are all crazy, but at least we are crazy together :)

Calli said...

If I could get my husband to watch The Sound of Music, he might actually like it because what many do not know about Ryan is he is, like his secret love for cats, he also is a closet yodle lover. He doesn't yodle himself, but is is facsinated by it.

Gina said...

Christine- You crack me up!