Tuesday, July 29

Once Again.....

I think my family deserves a discount at the local funeral home as we've helped keep them in business. My aunt died on Saturday and the funeral home workers (who are great!!) even commented on how much they've seen us, especially with my Grandma dying only a month ago. We first worked with Wood's Funeral home several years ago when my Grandma died, and they have since helped us with my nephew, my sister, Bryan, my Grandpa, my Grandma, and now, my aunt. Just a warning: you might want to stay away from my family; death seems to quite like us.

My aunt has been struggling with her weight most of her life and had some heart complications the last two years. She's been on a rollercoaster ever since-in and out of the hospital, battling infections, complications with diabetes, breathing problems, and several smaller ailments. She's been suffering for quite awhile, and even though she recently lost close to 100lbs., she somehow got a bacteria through her body that I think was the final straw. We are all glad to know that she's in peace now, but we ache for her husband and teenage daughter who are going to feel her absence so greatly.

I've come to understand that death is just an inevitable part of life and seems to be my family's personal trial, but it is still hard and heartbreaking each time it happens. I'm thankful for a knowledge of Heavenly Father's plan for us. I'm thankful that there is hope in eternal life, and that we will be with our loved ones again someday. I'm thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who sends his comforting spirit in times of sorrow. I pray that spirt will be with my Uncle and cousin in the hard times ahead.

Thursday, July 24


All the girls needed their hair trimmed so we took the plunge and headed out a couple of weeks ago. Ashtyn wanted to go really short, and we kept having to "take of a couple more inches off", but this was as short as I could let her go. I love her long hair and it's so much easier to put it in a bun for ballet when it's long. She got almost 6 inches taken off, and now we can barely get it in a pony tail. But it is easy because I never have to do it and it still looks cute. Jordyn just got a trim, and Avery got a little a-line, which looks pretty cute when it's styled. I can just imagine the fun days my girls and I are going to have at the spa and salon in the future. "Sure you can go hunting, honey; just leave us the credit card!"

Monday, July 21

Gotta Love It!

I'm sure I'll have to break out this picture in a few years when the girls are all fighting and think having sisters is so awful. I'll have evidence to show them that they once loved each other. But for now, we savor these special moments, which still happen quite often. The girls are usually best friends and play together all day, but I heard it changes once the teenage years arrive. Please stay young...Please stay young....Please stay young!

Wednesday, July 16


I decided to put a playlist on my blog so I can represent who I really am. I absolutely love music! I have music on usually everyday, and it always helps me have a better attitude. My kids have listened to CMT since they were babies and know most of the songs I do. So why not put one of my favorite things on my blog that I usually check everyday? Maybe because I thought it was harder to create a list than it actually was. So dang easy!!!

As I was putting together songs this morning, I got caught up in the memories that most of these songs evoked. So many events and moments of my life are surrounded with music that will always have special meaning to me. I got carried away and started looking for songs that brought back tender feelings to my heart. I cried listening to a lot of these songs. Most of the songs I chose for this first playlist hold memories that a lot of you have shared with me. I bet they'll even make you remember, too! I included songs that remind me of highschool, volleyball, friends, Josh, Bryan, my sister, my husband, and my daughters.

Listening to the songs that remind me of the people I've lost in my life helps keep their memories alive for me. Yes, they do make me sad and shed tears because of how much I miss them, but the songs also make me thankful that I can remember such special people everytime I hear their songs. But then I'll hear a song that reminds me of my life now and feel so blessed that I've got to experience so many incredible things so far. Some of these songs are for the amazing love I feel for my husband and family; some of them are for the times I've shared dancing and having fun with my girls.

It's been a fun morning reminiscing about special people and special memories. I hope all of you have a love for music like I do. My life is enhanced by music; my soul is rejuventated through music; my attitude is better with music; and my memories will never fade because of music.

Saturday, July 12

Girls Getaway!!!

Britney has already beat me to this post and shared how much fun we had, but I had to give a shout out on my blog also to the girls that made this weekend so great. We had such a good time shopping, eating, laughing, swimming, and of course, talking, talking, talking. It was so good to catch up on eachother's lives and to reconnect with one another. We will definitely be doing this every year until we're old ladies stuck in our wheelchairs!
It was also so good to see them, and everyone else, the next weekend at our 10th year reunion. Everyone always says how they can't believe 10 years have gone by, but seriously "I can't believe it's already been 10 years since high school." I had such a good high school experience because of so many things: sports, student council, fun parents, hot guys, and most of all, amazing friends. I'm lucky to still see some of them pretty regularly, but I miss so many of them! It was fun to see that some people never change, and that a few people suprised us with how much they've changed. Of course I didn't take any pictures, but I'm so thankful to have graduated in the class of '98 with so many awesome people. GO BEES!!!!

Thursday, July 3

In the arms of his love

My Grandma passed away one week ago today peacefully in her bed. My grandpa, the love of her life, died almost one year ago this August. Even though Grandma has been miserable since Grandpa died, her health has been pretty good, and we all expected her to live for several years. Although this came as a shock and suprise, we are all okay knowing that Grandma is with her love again-the only thing she's been wanting since he passed.

We all hear about elderly couples dying a short time from one another, and now I've witnessed this precious blessing from Heavenly Father. I guess it's true that one can will herself to die as I'm sure that's what my Grandma did. What a loving, caring Heavenly Father (who knew the pain and heartache my Grandma has been feeling this past year) to bring her back to her husband.

I'm happy for my grandparents to be reunited again; I'm happy for the love they must feel to once again be in eachother's arms. I'm sad that I won't see them in this life again; I'm sad that my children won't be able to continue the special, tender relationship that was beginning to develop with their great-grandparents; I'm sad for my father, who has now lost both of his parents-what an empty, lonely feeling that must be.
I was able to share some of my memories of Grandma at her graveside service, and it was so special to take some time to reflect on her. Even though my grandparents lived in California all of my childhood, I was able to realize through my memories what an impact she had on my life. I always felt love from her; I was always excited to visit her; I always felt special in her presence; and I will continue to love her and keep her memory alive.