Friday, October 5

Into the Skies...

My hubby is off to Guam in the morning for the next week. Poor guy-he has to be at the airport at 5am for 21 hours of travel time. And he just got back from Oregon for five days on Thursday. He is so sick of airplanes! I've gotten used to him being gone a lot and am not quite the wuss I used to be at home by myself getting scared at every little noise. But I still have a fear that his plane is going to crash and I won't have a husband and my kids won't have a Daddy. Why do I think such things? Pray for the pilots and safe landing for Jim. We will miss him! Every time Avery hears a loud vroom sound (car outside, 4-wheeler, washer, etc. ) she says "Daddy" because she thinks it's his big, loud truck pulling into the garage. It is so sad to see her run to the door and want her Daddy. Hopefully this week will fly (no pun intended) by!

I'm always afraid something like this will happen but much worse-especially since Jim mostly flys over the ocean!

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