Wednesday, December 12

Recovery Week

Now that ballet week is over, I'm finding myself very tired, lazy, and lacking in motivation. Ashtyn has gone to church and two days of school with straight hair; the cleaning supplies have been in the bathroom unused for five days; the presents are yet to be wrapped; and I've only cooked two nights this week. The one good thing is that I've gone to the gym every morning and spent more down-time with the kids.

The Nutcracker was amazing, and Ashtyn was so dang cute and really good. The Utah Regional Ballet Company (professional dancers) performed with the kids to make it a really awesome show-even my Dad enjoyed it! Ashtyn's dream is to be a professional dancer, and I know she has the talent to do so. The director of the pro. dancers even commented how good Ashtyn was for her age. Yeah-I'll have to keep in contact so they'll remember her when she gets older. Here are the costumes Ashtyn wore!
Ashtyn was a little girl in the party scene who got her bear taken away, then danced with all the other little girls at the party!

Ashtyn was an overture princess dancing for Clara at the Land of Sweets.

Ashtyn was a Madomoiselle and got to come out of Madame Ginger's big skirt to peform her dance. This was definitely the cutest!
I'm surprised how well Ashtyn survived the week. Ballet is truly her passion!

This is what I did to her hair five times last week (not including switching it to a bun mid-performance).

Before After

Ashtyn has thick hair and a lot of it so the whole process took me a couple of hours each time! Jim cleaned our bathroom last night (what a great hubby!) and had to scrape the hairspray off the floor.

Now I need to get off my butt and clean the girls bathroom. You know-the one that's been waiting for five days. But before I go, here's some pictures of Ashtyn after her last performance with the flowers she got from Daddy and her great-grandma! We love our little ballerina!

Great Job, Ashtyn!


Rasmussen Family said...

How fun!! What a cute girl you have, and what a good mom you are!!!

jami edwards said...

Oh Christine you are still just as cute and funny as ever. What a wonderful mom and wife you are! I admire you, keep it up you are doing a great job. This has been an absolute blast reading through your blog, in a way I feel like I'm spying on you, (kinda wierd) No, but I feel like I'm getting caught up on what you've been up to and the adorable women you've become. You are a strong, smart, driven young lady and I totally admire you. You are my new hero. Have a Merry Christmas!!!!

Tommy and Gina said...

What a little cutie! Hey, Does Jami have a blog??