Tuesday, February 10

Still kicking, but barely....

I know the winter sickness has been going around as I've read on several of your blogs. I was hoping it would skip us this year but to no such luck. I got influenza and bronchitis last Saturday (a week and a half ago) and now my two little ones have had it all week. We've been to the doctors 4 times since that Saturday and have kept the pharmacy in business this last week. The girls have croup on top of their bronchitis so we've had to go in and get steroid treatments to keep their swelling down. Avery also has a bladder infection so we had to go back for that! We're all on antibiotics and our kitchen counter looks like a fully-stocked medicine counter.

I had some codeine cough syrup for the night, but after it made my heart race and caused hallucinations all night, I got rid of it. I was pretty scared as I've never had that happen to me-especially since my hallucinations were of murderers in my room and me zipping myself up in a body bag. How strange, huh? I've never been a medicine taker, and this week has just validated why.
What a fun week! I usually am pretty healthy and keep going even when I'm sick, but this time it's knocked me on my butt. I spent three days in bed and still don't have all my energy back. The worst part about this is I had to miss the boot camp class I signed up for at the gym and wait til March to start it. AAHH! I swear the universe wants me to be fat forever!

I hope everyone else is staying healthy or else starting to feel better! Just know you aren't the only one who has stayed in your jammies all week and let your house fall apart! Or maybe I'm the only one cause the rest of you are superwomen!