Tuesday, October 2

Head over wheels!

What great parents we are! Jordyn fell out of the cart onto her head at Sam's Club the other night! I seriously thought she had a concussion because the floor is concrete, the carts are tall, and she got a big, blue bump on the back of her head. She was dazed and really pale for about 20 minutes. I totally wanted to take her in but Jim convinced me to just see how she acted the next few hours. Everything turned out fine and after checking on her during the night a few times, she woke up her usual, happy self. This is her the morning after! Mothers out there-I know you think this will never happen to your child (like I thought), but please be careful. It happens before you know it!

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Rasmussen Family said...

Hey Christine I came across your blog through Calli's from Shelley and Rusty. Your girls are getting so big. I know how you feel (kids falling out of the cart) When Makenna was a baby she was in her car seat on the cart and Benjamin tried to pull himself up and pulled her car seat of the cart and it fell face down. Luckly the arm holder was up and it hit instead of her face. I have never been more scared and it seemed like it happened in slow motion. She was o.k. just a red spot on her head. Now I always put my babys inside the cart keeps them safer and helps me not spend so much at the store:) Sorry to write a novel. I was so excited to find one of my friends from Idaho in the blogging world. Stop by our blog rasfamily6.blogspot.com

Mindy Rasmussen (Butikofer)