Thursday, February 28

Bodily Fluids Overload

Ok-so yesterday Avery woke up covered in throwup. Today she woke up covered in diarrhea: up to her neck; in her toes; all over her blankets! Poor little girl-I don't know if this is connected to the chicken pox or if she has some sort of stomach bug. So into the bath she goes with little floating poop pieces allover, and I get to wash bedding AGAIN. It's not just changing the sheets mind you; it's untying all the bumper pad strings, taking out the mattress, washing the sheets, the mattress pads, the blankets, and the stuffed animals that she sleeps with. And then I get to put it all together again before she goes for a nap in a couple of hours!

Sorry for blogging about bodily funtions, but as most of you know, this is just a day in the life of a mom! I'm so excited to get out of bed tomorrow to see what suprise I'll find in Avery's bed. The anticipation is killing me! I think I'll start a new blog series: "The Chronicles of Crap and Other Yummy Fluids." Do you think it will be a hit?
I took this picture a while ago, but it looks like she's in the perfect "crouch mode" for dropping a load so I had to put it on here.


Jennifer said...

I sure hope you don't mind me leaving a comment on your blog. I just found it and decided I would let you know I think your girls are beautiful. How fun three girls -- I have three boys. Definitely thought I was a girly-girl until I found out I was having my first boy and realized I am TOTALLY a boy mom and love it. Feel free to visit my blog!!

Missy :o) said...

What a hilarious post! I thought I was the only mom who liked to make fun of my kids' bodily fluids. It made me laugh out loud! I have had days like this as well. Don'tcha love it? LOL

We used to live in IF. I found your blog through Christina's. Nice to meet you.