Tuesday, February 26

My Paper Dolls

Do you ever find yourselves living vicariously through your kids? This has become my favorite thing to do. I love to shop-not for me because I'm way self-conscious and think I look too fat in everything, but for my girls. All the fashions and styles I wish I could wear I buy for my girls. Poor things-they are probably sweating in their thick sweaters and furry boots, but I can't resist. I put them through all kinds of torture: matching hats and hairbows; different shoes with each outfit; winter tights with snowflakes and sparkly stripes; poofy GAP coats with fur-trimmed hoods; flared jeans with rhinestone embellishments; mini-skirts and sundresses; little bikinis where their fat tummies stick out; the list goes on and on. Every time I see Ashtyn's little butt in cute jeans, I think "why can't my hiney look that good?"

Honestly, I find so many cute things in the baby section that I'd want to wear. Can they make that in my size? Umm....Except for the bikinis and mini-skirts. I don't think anybody wants to see my jiggly stomach and thighs hanging out.


Our Family said...


Cute girls. I don't have girls but when I see some cute shoes some girl is wearing I say
"Is that im my size?" Girls have much cuter things than boys in the stores, I know that for a fact.

Thanks for the cookies, I went to Barnes and Noble for the book signing of the FableHaven series with Rile ( I stood in line for 3 hours to get them signed and he hasen't read them yet, but he will after all of that.


KEAT said...

Haha! Your blog makes me laugh, I love it. You are so funny. I agree with you about how little kids look good in everything, its not fair! I love this picture. Your girls are BEAUTIFUL!

Gina Lee said...

One Word {Darling}!!!