Friday, March 7

I want a job with perks!

Sometimes I wish I had my husband's job. Not the stressful, building of software, pressure of deadlines, management of people part, but the traveling and luxury part. Jim has been traveling quite a bit lately, and mostly to warm, sunny climates. He made me take this picture of him shoveling snow the day he left for Pheonix a few weeks ago. The other picture is him in Pheonix a few hours later. He put the pictures in his presenation to let the clients know how happy he was to be there. He's also been to California a couple of times, Chicago, Salt Lake, and soon to be in Dallas and Florida. Sometimes I wish our roles were reversed so I'd be the one on a plane to some warm destination, eating at nice restaurants, and sleeping at the Mariott. Jim says I'd get sick of traveling like he does and just want to be at home, but I think it would be quite a while before that happened!


Dabell Family said...

Hi Christine! I am glad that you found me!! Your girls are getting so big!! We need to get together again soon! And tell Jim I am so jealous of the warm weather trips--I am getting spring fever! SueAnn

Jennifer said...

I hear you about the spring fever. I can't wait to be able to just go outside and play, instead of loading the kids somewhere indoors to play. I am sure your husband enjoys the warm weather, but I bet he would rather be home with your family. =)

Our Family said...

I showed Travis these pictures and he said that his dad used to travel all the time and said it was fun but it gets old. However as a mom who also stays at home feels that it would be a great time.