Wednesday, February 27

Mommy needs a Vacation!!!

Just thought I'd add to the craziness of the last few weeks. As if we haven't had enough. Avery woke up at 5:30 a.m. covered in throw-up (I thought we were done with that last week). Avery finally fell back asleep (in my bed) about 7:00 but then Jordyn came down and got in my bed and woke up Avery. They've been playing ever since, and I haven't been sleeping. Since Jim is out-of-town, I did my usual stay up 'til 2:00 a.m. so I got 3 1/2 hours of sleep. Yeah!

But I did learn one thing from the throwing up a couple of weeks ago: Chunks do not dissolve in the washer! So I was scraping the sheets, blankets, jammies, and elmo stuffed doll this morning with a spoon to get the chunks off before washing everything. Let's just say I don't have much of an appetite this morning (which could be another good thing!).

Happy Wednesday!!!

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Amy said...

What a terrible day - I am glad you can be so positive through all that! I don't deal with the throw-up stuff very well. GROSS!