Wednesday, February 6

Wishing away Winter!

(My little family on a 4-wheeler ride last summer in the mountains. We stopped at a little spring to cool off, swig some gatorade, and snap a picture for posterity.)
Oh how I wish for sunny weather and snowless days. I wish my little family was in the mountains right now on a warm, summer day instead of curled up by the fireplace trying to stay warm. Don't get me wrong, I love living in a place where we get to witness the four seasons at their best, but this particular one has overstayed it's welcome at my house. We just received 6 inches of snow last night and are expected to receive 4-5 more tonight (on top of the tons of snow we already have-I think there is close to 4 feet in our backyard).

And of course Jim is out of town; thanks to my Dad and neighbor for plowing me out this morning. Can you imagine me and my three girls loaded up on the 4-wheeler in all of our fat snow clothes trying to figure out the blade to plow the driveway? I guess I could resort to the perfectly capable snow shovel, but who wants to get that much exercise in one afternoon. We have a very long driveway!

I'm thankful for all the snow we've received as our reservoirs will be full this spring and our farmers will have enough water for their crops. It is also so beautiful outside with the land blanketed in a glistening snow. I should hardly complain since the Lord is blessing us, but I am longing for the days when I can complain that it is too hot because my legs are sticking to the leather seats in my car. Will I ever be happy?


Amy said...

I am totally with you. Get some sunny weather on the way! My girls and I are sick of being stuck inside. Let me out! I want to play outside again (not in snow clothes)!

Our Family said...


Cute pic of you and the kids! Let me know when the snow melts because when it does for you I know it is coming to me soon. haha.
Have a good weekend