Sunday, February 24

It's been a while....

I apologize for my lengthy retreat. Between an entire sick family with influenza and a computer bogged down with viruses, I haven't been able to blog. Let me tell you it's been hell! I almost had to check myself into a medical facility for withdrawal symptoms. And not from being absent from my own blog, but from being away from all of yours. I felt like I was missing everyone else's reality.

Anyway, I promise to do better this week after I download the pictures from my camera. And if my cat leaves me alone. Every time I sit at the desk, she jumps up and plops right in front of the computer so I can't see. I have to scoot her over, and then she sits and watches me for the rest of the time. I swear, if one of my kids isn't hanging on me, it's the cat. AAAHHHH!!!

Oh yeah, did I mention that Avery has chicken pox? And I just found spots on Ashtyn and Jordyn. What a year!!!!


Amy said...

You sure have some bad luck over there - maybe it's the black cat! Sorry, couldn't resist that one! I am so sorry that your family has been so sick. Kelsey is just getting over a two week long illness and I have been going nuts, so I can imagine how you feel. Hope things start looking up for you. Take care!

Gina Lee said...

Glad your back! I hope your family feels better soon! Gina

Our Family said...


When it rains it pours. It is a pain that even after the kids shots they can still get stuff. Is Jim home for awhile or is he gone traveling? Let me know if we could help.