Tuesday, March 11

All About Avery!!!

Avery was tagged by her friend Elle Eaton! Elle's mommy was my girls' awesome baby-sitter while Mommy worked for about five months. Avery misses her like crazy and whenever the doorbell rings, she runs to the the door and yells, "Kara's here!".

We were so excited when Avery came out with lots of dark hair. She didn't keep it very long, but we thought she was a beautiful baby. Although she came as a suprise only 12 months after Jordyn, Mommy was so excited to be having another girl. She was our smallest baby at 6 pounds and was so delicate and sweet!
Avery has always been a very happy, smiley, playful baby! She didn't sleep very good for about the first 5 weeks, but then she turned into my best sleeper and still takes a 3-4 hour nap every day.

Avery has loved to eat since day one and will eat just about anything. The only time she was ever grouchy as a baby was because she was hungry. After some food, she was happy as can be again. She's also my messiest eater! She loves to rub yogurt in her hair and smash food between her fingers. Her favorite foods are bananas, grapes, spaghetti, ham, chicken, soup, and tootsie rolls!
Avery has an extreme passion for shoes. She tries on 3-4 different pair everyday. It doesn't matter if they are mine, her's, Jordyn's, Ashytn's, or Daddy's. She's not picky! She started trying them on when she was about 9 months old and hasn't given it up. She walks down the stairs in Ashtyn's dress-up shoes better than Mommy walks in heels. Since she's always so happy, if we ever heard Avery whining or getting upset as a baby, I immediately knew she was trying to get shoes on and was having a hard time. I was always right! Now she's a master at it, buckles and all, and was even trying to tie laces today when she put on a pair of Ashtyn's friend's shoes.
Avery is the busiest baby I have ever seen. The only time she lays or sits down is when she's sleeping, playing a certain game, or eating (which after about 5 minutes, she stands in her high chair). We always tease that we got a boy, and his name is Avery. She gets into every drawer, cupboard, and anything else she can pull out, dump, scatter, or make a mess. I never had to baby-proof my house because my other girls were never into this, but Avery doesn't stay still for a second. She is really good at entertaining herself, but Mommy gets tired trying to keep up with her and clean up her messes. Luckily, she likes to clean up now and sings, "clean up, everybody clean up" to herself.
Avery is very playful and mischevious! She loves to make people laugh and will put on quite the show if she has an audience. She loves being chased, playing hide & seek, peek-a-boo, and dancing. She is such a fun little girl and always keeps a happy mood in the house. Avery has been a very early talker and will say anything we say. Her vocabulary is amazing! She loves books and songs, and loves to sing. At only 22 months, she can count to 12, knows her ABC's, and sings tons of songs almost word-for-word. At her 18-month check-up, she sang "I am a Child of God" to the doctor, and he was blown away. Her current favorite song is "Learn of Me", a Young Women's song I started singing to her a couple of months ago. It has three long versus plus the melody, and she knows the whole thing. She also loves the "Sound of Music" and sings "Eidle Vise(?)" and "So do la fa me do re". She also love the "Enchanted" Soundtrack, Brooks & Dunn, and Taylor Swift. Whenever we get into the car, she always says, "I want that stupid 'ole pick-up truck". It is so dang cute to hear her sing, and we make her do it all the time!
Avery is one of the sweetest, happiest, most fun babies I know. I can't believe she is growing up so fast. Even though she can get a little sassy sometimes and bully her older sister Jordyn (hey-they're 12 months apart. They are either best friends or enemies!), she loves her sisters and they love playing together! While Ashtyn is at school and before Avery takes a nap, she and Jordyn usually play together every afternoon. Most of the time it is fun, innocent play, but sometimes they can be double troube. Like the time they climbed onto the table and ate all the cheetos, or the time they scooped all of the toilet water out of the potty and were swimming in it on the bathroom floor. They keep things rolling!!!!

We love you Avery, and even though you were an unexpected suprise, we know you were meant to be here at this time. You have brought so much love, happiness, and smiles to our lives. (And a ton of craziness, too! Could you maybe just want to snuggle all day with Mom tomorrow and not make any messes? I'm feeling a little tired!)

Avery tags Olivia Thomason and Max Loveless!


Our Family said...


I love your tag of Avery. You have some cute girls. Let me know if you ever need me to watch them.


KEAT said...

I love this! Avery is so sweet. She is such a special little girl. Why is your tag so much better than mine? Heh. Give her a squeeze for me.

Jennifer said...

This is a great post and it was fun getting to know your sweetie! How fun that they are so close in age, kind of like my little surprise Tytus.

murdockfamily said...

Hi Christine! You have a way cute blog. Your girls are adorable. We have a blog now too it's murdockfamily5.blogspot.com

Amy said...

I got the tag, I will do it as soon as my girls let me sit at the computer long enough!!! It was great to get to know Avery a little bit! What a smartie she is, I was so impressed she could sing I am a Child of God at such an early age! That is amazing! Olivia tries to sing Twinkle Little Star, and she actually does pretty good, but if you didn't know what she was trying to do you wouldn't be able to make out most words!

murdockfamily said...

Hi Christine,
We tag Ashtyn and Jordyn- Sorry I know you just did Avery! Am

holly said...

Your girls are incredibly cute. I haven't seen you in years; it is so fun to catch up on you and your cute family. How old are your girls now and where are you guys living?