Friday, March 21

Happy Birthday Babe!

It was Jim's birthday on Wednesday and even though this is a couple of days late, I still wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday. Last year on his 30th b-day, he was alone on business and didn't have anyone to celebrate it with. So this year was definitely better because he was home with us!
We bought a couple of colts around Christmas, and Jim wanted "horse stuff" for his birthday. So the girls and I went to Vickers (Western store) to pick something out. Yeah right! First of all, shopping with Avery is a nightmare (especially when she poops, hides in the clothes, runs off, and pulls all the horse shampoo bottles off the shelf). Second, I have no clue about taking care of horses and what they need. I don't know the right sizes of halters, bits, lead ropes, and anything else just to get them in the trailor. I couldn't even pick out a brush without help. Jim wants to get some cowboy boots and a hat to get back to his roots (I've been clearing out that part of his wardrobe since we got married!) but I didn't dare pick those out either. So sorry Babe! I tried and ended up leaving with a gift card and a poopy, sticky toddler (the sales clerk gave them suckers!!).
Jim is the greatest husband ever. I know he is the only man I could have married. He is such a great father and absolutely adores his little girls. He always thinks of his family first and sacrifices a lot of his time and hobbies to spend time with us. He is surrounded by females and I know there are times when he'd rather be fishing, but he stays with us and supports us through everything (even Ashtyn's ballet peformances twice a year where he has to watch men dance in tights). Jim knows when Mommy is about to go crazy and always tries to let me have some time away whether it is a girls weekend out of town, working out at the gym, or even a late night run to Walmart.
Jim has never been afraid to change a poopy diaper, give the girls a bath, wipe a snotty nose, watch a princess/barbie movie, or read countless books to show his love for his daughters. I am so appreciative that he helps out as much as he does. He definitely makes my job a lot easier (although for the life of him, he absolutely cannot do hair-not even a pony tail).

Jim is one of the hardest workers I know. He often puts in 50-60 hours of work every week. He is a very dedicated and reliable employee and does his job the best he can. I am so thankful I'm able to stay home with the kids knowing how hard Jim works to provide a nice living for his family. His greatest dream would be to wake up every day and get on the back of a horse at his ranch. But he has put that on hold while I get more "accustomed" to the idea.

I love you babe! Thanks for always making me feel loved and beautiful (even though I don't feel like it). Thanks for giving up countless hours of "guy fun" to spend time with your girls. Thanks for being your little girls' hero, prince, teacher, horsey, and dancing partner. We look forward every day for when you come home!

(I couldn't find a picture of just Jim, so the first is one with his Grandma from New Mexico last summer. It is one of my favorites 'cause I think he looks really cute!)


Britney said...

What a good hubby! I hope you guys got to do something fun for his birthday.

Hudman Family said...

Wow- sounds like you married the same caliber of man as I did. Isn't is great! I didn't know Jim had those "country" roots. Sounds familiar once again. I told Hondo you bought colts. He's slightly jealous to say the least.

Amy said...

Give a Happy Birthday to Jim from the Thomason's!

Calli said...

I hope Jim got my message and text...I felt bad since I called in the evening and didn't want to interrupt his time with his darling girls. May I just add...Jim is such a wonderful brother. Heavenly Father knows he could handle girls since he was groomed for that since birth! And...he does look very cute in the picture with Gram!

Anonymous said...

One more of Jims "girls" just has to say-I love him too!!!! What a nice blog entry
Love, Jolea