Friday, August 3

This could just be my last post

My husband and I are headed to Lagoon for his annual company party. The kids are staying at Grandma's and we are totally going to live it up with our Thelma's lemonade and theme-park churros. Can you drink and ride? We are so excited to ride the new Wicked roller coaster (yes the one pictured heading straight down and upside down). Are we crazy? I'm somewhat of a thrill-seeker, but as I'm climbing onto the ride, the many images of "rides-gone-wrong" enter the back of my mind. Like the little girl whose feet were ripped off on a ride at a theme-park a few weeks ago. Or the several pictures of dangling bodies hanging from rides trying not to fall to their death. Wish me luck! And check the news this weekend for any mishaps! It could just be me!

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Calli said...

Can I get a Hallaluja! I've been in bed since Sunday with the crud; one of your former stalkees now fellow bloggers was over here today helping with Max and told me that you commented on my blog and that you had created one of your own. Now I won't feel so bad for not posting because now you have your own to keep you busy!!!Hope Lagoon was a good one--we're supposed to go on Wed. It was good to see you guys.