Thursday, August 2

Gram and the Girls

Jim's Grandma from New Mexico came for a visit last week. We don't get to see her that often so it was really nice to spend some time together. My girls make their blog debut with this picture. I know what you're thinkng. Don't the girls look awfully close in age? The younger two often get mistaken for twins since they are practically the same size. They weigh the exact same(not kidding), wear the same size of diaper, and many of the same clothes. I guess Heavenly Father was trying to test (and humble, and bless) me when he sent them 12 months apart. Let me just give my testimony that birth control and nursing(together) don't always prevent babies! But aren't they adorable? Ashytn 5, Jordyn 2, and Avery 1. Yes, I do find ways to stay busy. In fact, I've been trying to clean the same bathroom for a week now. I think mommy needs a maid, or nanny, or cook, or manny; I'm not picky-I'll take whatever!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Chris -
Your blog totally cracks me up. It's awesome. Maybe I'll jump on the bandwagon soon and start one. I am starting to feel the pressure to be a "blogger". Your girls are adorable and getting so big (plus you look super cute in the picture, too). Ashtyn is becoming more and more of a mini Christine as she gets older. Hopefully I'll talk to you soon!!