Thursday, July 3

In the arms of his love

My Grandma passed away one week ago today peacefully in her bed. My grandpa, the love of her life, died almost one year ago this August. Even though Grandma has been miserable since Grandpa died, her health has been pretty good, and we all expected her to live for several years. Although this came as a shock and suprise, we are all okay knowing that Grandma is with her love again-the only thing she's been wanting since he passed.

We all hear about elderly couples dying a short time from one another, and now I've witnessed this precious blessing from Heavenly Father. I guess it's true that one can will herself to die as I'm sure that's what my Grandma did. What a loving, caring Heavenly Father (who knew the pain and heartache my Grandma has been feeling this past year) to bring her back to her husband.

I'm happy for my grandparents to be reunited again; I'm happy for the love they must feel to once again be in eachother's arms. I'm sad that I won't see them in this life again; I'm sad that my children won't be able to continue the special, tender relationship that was beginning to develop with their great-grandparents; I'm sad for my father, who has now lost both of his parents-what an empty, lonely feeling that must be.
I was able to share some of my memories of Grandma at her graveside service, and it was so special to take some time to reflect on her. Even though my grandparents lived in California all of my childhood, I was able to realize through my memories what an impact she had on my life. I always felt love from her; I was always excited to visit her; I always felt special in her presence; and I will continue to love her and keep her memory alive.


KEAT said...

Hey Christine! Thanks for letting me take pics of your little girls. I had so many pictures to work with because they are all just so darn cute. Anyway, I am still editing some of them but they will be done early next week, I will let you know. I put a few of them on my website under kiddos though so go and check the out. And NO I will not let you pay me!! I really just love the experience for now, promise!!

L.G. Fife said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog-yeah it has been the week for funerals I guess. That is a nice picture of your grandparents,what you said is so nice- I bet she is glad to be with him again- it has been a week of reflection for me as well- love ya

Jenny G. said...

Hey Chrisitne I am so sorry for the loss of Grandma Dennett. It really was a shock. I am sorry that I did not make it to the service either. Please know that my thoughts were with your family that day and days to come with this loss. How great it is that we have the gospel in our lives and know that they are together in heaven and are happy. It makes the passing so much easier. I did love your grandparents so much too.

Dabell Family said...

Christine-- I am so sorry about the loss of your grandmother! It is so nice to have the knowledge that they are so happy where they are, but we still miss them!

Pickett Fences said...

I am sorry to hear about your grandparents. My Granparents also lived in Califorina all of my life and I would see them once a year so when they died about 2 years apart I took it harder then I thought I would because I always lived far away. Take Care