Monday, June 30

Another Successful Trip!

Bear Lake was awesome this year! The weather was great; the beach day was perfect; the kids loved being outside; and the bugs stayed away. It was so nice not having a baby this year-the kids were old enough to play around the campsite without getting hurt or wandering off. Mom and Dad got to relax and have fun visiting, hiking, playing horseshoes, making crafts with the kids, playing volleyball on the beach, reading, eating (of course!), and staying up late at the campfire! We look forward to Bear Lake every year because it's such a fun, safe, relaxing getaway after a stressful spring. The only bad thing is the packing and the laundry when we get home. This picture doesn't give the real sense of how much laundry I had because a couple of hampers are still full and I hadn't sorted it into piles yet. I washed 16 loads by the time I was done including bedding, blankets, towels, swimsuits, shoes, and clothes.
By the way, we had a little scare when Ashtyn got a tick embedded in her belly button and when we saw a second tick the next day in our trailor. The ticks are out and Lyme disease is on the rise, so make sure and check your kids (and yourself) if you're in the great outdoors this summer!

Check out the slide show below for all the highlights of our trip this year. Sorry for including so many pictures-it is not even half of what I took!


Nichelle said...

Bear Lake sounds so fun. All except for the laundry part. That is the worst thing about camping everything gets dirt. I am glad you guys had a good time.

L.G. Fife said...

I think we still have stuff to clean in the trailer! Your slide show was great- you need to show me how to do that one day- the wagon picture is so cute

Amberlee said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time. Reading your post makes me so excited to go. We are leaving for Bear Lake this weekend. I agree with the tick thing- Talen had one on him a couple of weeks ago- BEWARE!!!

Christina said...

How fun. I still haven't gotten out & done anything fun for the summer yet. Lucky you! I do not envy your laundry even the slightest- that looks overwhelming!BTW- it was good seeing you again the other day. You looked cute!