Wednesday, July 16


I decided to put a playlist on my blog so I can represent who I really am. I absolutely love music! I have music on usually everyday, and it always helps me have a better attitude. My kids have listened to CMT since they were babies and know most of the songs I do. So why not put one of my favorite things on my blog that I usually check everyday? Maybe because I thought it was harder to create a list than it actually was. So dang easy!!!

As I was putting together songs this morning, I got caught up in the memories that most of these songs evoked. So many events and moments of my life are surrounded with music that will always have special meaning to me. I got carried away and started looking for songs that brought back tender feelings to my heart. I cried listening to a lot of these songs. Most of the songs I chose for this first playlist hold memories that a lot of you have shared with me. I bet they'll even make you remember, too! I included songs that remind me of highschool, volleyball, friends, Josh, Bryan, my sister, my husband, and my daughters.

Listening to the songs that remind me of the people I've lost in my life helps keep their memories alive for me. Yes, they do make me sad and shed tears because of how much I miss them, but the songs also make me thankful that I can remember such special people everytime I hear their songs. But then I'll hear a song that reminds me of my life now and feel so blessed that I've got to experience so many incredible things so far. Some of these songs are for the amazing love I feel for my husband and family; some of them are for the times I've shared dancing and having fun with my girls.

It's been a fun morning reminiscing about special people and special memories. I hope all of you have a love for music like I do. My life is enhanced by music; my soul is rejuventated through music; my attitude is better with music; and my memories will never fade because of music.


Trisha said...

It is funny how a song can bring back memories so clear and the emotions like brand new again. I went through your play list and couldn't believe some of the things that I remembered just hearing the songs you picked. We have a lot of good memories with each other. Thanks for the walk down memory lane

Christina said...

I totally relate to you with the music thing. It's a huge part of our lives and our home. BTW- I LOVE that new picture of your girls on your sidebar. I only wish I could see it bigger.
It is adorable.

Amberlee said...

Wow- you are so thoughtful. I just put on some songs that I like in the moment on my playlist. It is fun to hear songs and have them bring back such strong memories. I hear songs all the time and they remind me of me and my friends in high school. Is that weird?

Britney said...

Now why did yo have to go and get me all weepy? You just took me on a walk down memory lane. It's so fun (and sometimes sad) to listen to music and remember. I love how music can make me feel. Many of those songs bring up strong emotions for me. I am so glad that you thought to do this and I'm so glad that I have so many fantatstic, fun, crazy, happy, sad and funny memories with you! I love you!
(We'll always have Celine Dion and Betty!!)

L.G. Fife said...

I love having my playlist even if it gets stuck on the same song every now and again.Is that a new picture of your girls? I would love a cpoy since my daughter says goodnight to Ashytn every night :)

Pickett Fences said...

These songs are great. Right when I went on to your blog I hear "Everything I do, I do it for you." That was my ex-boyfriends and my song. We dated for 4 1/2 years and then I met Travis and he left for his mission. It is weird how song bring back so many meomories.