Tuesday, April 1

Ashtyn and Jordyn

I'm finally doing the tag of Ashtyn and Jordyn (sorry it's taken so long Amberlee!). What can I say? Ashtyn and Jordyn have been different from the very start. Ashtyn was a very calm, happy, non-crying baby. Jordyn was a crier from day one and wanted to be held all the time (maybe she knew she'd only have 12 short months before Avery kicked her out of the baby position).

Ashtyn has always loved an audience and even when she was small, used to do the silliest things just to make people laugh.
Jordyn has always been shy around people and is usually attached to Mommy's leg in a crowd. She is finally starting to come out of her shell and enjoy other people.
Ashtyn is my pickiest eater while Jordyn is my best. Ashtyn loves anything unhealthy (chips, candy, fries, junk) and has been a meat and potato girl since she got her first teeth. Jordyn likes anything healthy and loves vegetables. She doesn't eat a lot of meat and doesn't like chips or fries (can this child really be mine?) She is also my best at trying new things. Ashtyn won't touch anything that is mixed up, saucy, or isn't plain or bland. If it looks weird or has more than a couple of ingredients in it, she won't eat it (frustrating!!!).
Ashtyn and Jordyn have both been early learners. Ashtyn walked at 9 1/2 months and was potty-trained at 22 months. Her first word was Elmo at 7 months and she hasn't stopped talking. She knew her ABC's, colors, and letters really early and is now reading in Kindergarten ( I can't believe she's almost 6). One of my favorite memories is Ashtyn's early love for country music. Before she was even two, she had all the country guys memorized and had a crush on Keith Urban. If we sang a song or heard one on the radio, she knew who sang it. We would ask her, "who sings 'itty bitty' and she'd say 'Alan Jackson', or 'who sings 'Live like you were dying' and she'd say 'Tim McGraw'. " Her memory is amazing and we used to always make her peform that talent in front of people. She still remembers small details from years ago that I can't even remember.
Jordyn walked at 12 months and was potty-trained at 26 months. Her first word was deer (we were at Sportsman's Warehouse and Daddy was so proud). She has also turned into quite the gabber. She talks and sings all day long (especially in the car), and sometimes Mommy has to say be quiet just to get a moment of silence to think clearly. Jordyn also knows her numbers, ABC's, colors and loves songs. She is so excited to go to pre-school this fall and always talks about going to school with her Pooh Bear backpack. She loves to be included as a big girl and trys her hardest to do what the big kids are doing.
Ashtyn has always been pretty obedient and respectful (until the last few months when she's turned into a pre-teen. I swear the drama in our house has risen, and I hope this stage will pass soon). But she is still a great helper to Mom and loves anything to do with babies. She says every day that she wants to be a Mom and I know she's got that natural "nurturer" instinct in her. She is also very compassionate like her Mom and crys when someone else is hurting. She has that deep empathy where she can feel other's pain. Last week she wanted to watch the Testamants and cryed the whole time they were nailing Jesus to the cross. She is very tender-hearted and has started getting embarrassed more.
Jordyn is my most stubborn child and does not like to be disciplined or told what to do. I can just imagine some of our "power struggles" in the future. She hates picking up her toys but is also my most lovey child. She is a total Mama's girl and always wants to be where I am. Jorde loves to snuggle and help me cook, clean, and do the laundry. I can totally see her as a Mom who is always baking and doing projects around the house. She loves to paint and do crafts that have small details and require a lot of focus. I think she has her Daddy's smart mind that is always going and analyzing things.
Ashtyn and Jordyn play really well together (although they have their moments) and are good at entertaining themselves (especially on Sunday afternoons when Mommy and Daddy take naps!) Ashtyn loves to act like Jorde's mom and dress her up in fancy clothes and do her hair. It's so cute to watch them get ready together. They'll be playing together and Jordyn always asks, "Ashtyn, are you my Mommy?"
I couldn't imagine life without both of my sweet girls. I sometimes tease and say we should have stopped at one so we wouldn't mess up perfection (Ashtyn has pretty much been my angel child) but I wouldn't change either of them for anything. Jordyn's spunk and sense of humor makes me laugh everyday. Sometime when I'm having a grouchy day, I'll just listen to Jordyn and instantly feel happier. Like the other day when she was singing "Baa baa black sheep" and sang "one for the little girl who lives down the drain".
I am thankful for my beautiful girls and feel so blessed. Anytime things get a little crazy, hormonal, whiny, or have too much drama, I just have to remind myself that this is exactly what I've been wanting my whole life. To have all daughters and a house filled with the love and innocence of children.


Nichelle said...

I know what you mean about drama. Somedays I wonder how I will make it through the teenage years. I guess that is what makes life fun though.

KEAT said...

I loved that tag! They are so adorable. They are such fun girls and I really liked your description of them. They both have such colorful personalities:) Love them!

The Rowe Family said...

Your girls are so cute! I found your blog from Christina's ... hope you remember me from our CNA class! How have you been?! You have such an adorable family!

Amy said...

Sweet! They are both so darling. I was happy to learn more about the two of them! You guys sure make smart kids over there!

The Murdock Family said...

Your girls are so cute. It's fun to learn things like that through the tags. All I can say is that it sure seems like boys are girls are completely different!!! (Not that I'll ever get to find out what girls are truly like :D )-Am

Calli said...

Yes, I have to brag and say that I have the most darling and smartest nieces on the planet...and these are only 3 of them (there's 5 more!) You tell Jim that no horse could ever take the place of what you two can create...so we hope to see more little Hassman children soon!

Gina Lee said...

I don't think I'm ready for the drama! Emery is such a mellow baby, I hope she stays that way forever! I loved reading about your girls. You are such a good momma!

Christina said...

Cute write up about your girls. I love it when they are so different-it keeps things interesting. I know what you mean about having more kids and wishing you didn't mess up perfection. It's hard to not compare, but it seems like the 1st child tends to come setting the bar pretty hard for others to follow.