Thursday, April 3

ABC's of ME

I've been tagged-thanks Amberlee!

A-Attached or Single? attached
B-Best Friend? Jim (does anybody dare not to put their husband?)
C-Cake or Pie? cake (yellow is my favorite!!)
D-Day of Choice? Saturday (usually means Jim will be home)
E-Essential Item? chapstick and baby wipes
F-Favorite Color? pink, blue, and chocolate brown
G-Gummy bears or worms? worms (I prefer the green and white ones)
H-Hometown? Idaho Falls
I-Favorite Indulgence? brownies, Milky Ways
J-January or July? July (does anyone like January?)
K-Kids? Ashtyn (5 1/2), Jordyn (almost 3), Avery (almost 2)
L-Life isn't complete without? family and gospel
M-Marriage date? December 16, 2000 (It was freezing!!!)
N-Number of brothers and sister? 2 brothers, 2 sisters
O-Oranges or apples? apples (only because I hate peeling oranges)
P-Phobia or fears? spiders, mountain lions, strangers breaking in my house while Jim is out of town (not that he could hear them when he's sleeping anyway)
Q-Quote? "It is never too late to become what you could have been"
R-Reason to smile? 3 beautiful girls
S-Season of choice? Summer-I am always cold!
T-Tag 3 people: Christine, Calli, Heidi
U-Unknown facts about me? I'm a little OCD in some areas (loading the dishwasher, silverware organization in the drawers, shoes in my closet, hangers all facing the same way and organized according to color and sleeve length-I know, I'm such a nerd-I even do it with Jim's shirts)
V-Vegetable? peas, green beans, cauliflower-I like most of them!
W-Worst habit? chewing my fingernails, and EATING!!! (you would think I'd be full from the fingernails! J/K-how gross!)
X-X-ray or ultrasound? ultrasound
Y-Your favorite food? pasta, sandwiches, candy (does that count as a food?)
Z-Zodiac sign? Scorpio


Our Family said...


Thank again for helping me with Ethan today. I know he had fun and I was comforted to know he was safe and in good hands.


The Murdock's said...

Christine- seriously I was really sorry to tag you again! It was fun to hear your answers though. I totally understand the OCD thing (my shirts are also categorized by color and sleeve length) also I have to categorize my dishwasher and can only stack certain colored kid cups together- freakish I know! Thanks for playing along! Hopefully I won't tag you for a long time, but you know if I get tagged I'll have to tag you just to keep tradition going :)

Nichelle said...

I loving reading peoples tags, you learn so much about them it is fun. I sorry that you always get tagged from Am. I always tag her then she tags you. I will try to stop the trend. :)

Dabell Family said...

I have to say at least you worst habit isn't eating your toe nails like your brother! Yuck! I love reading tags and getting to know people better.

Britney said...

We missed you in Hawaii - next time for sure. Heidi and I want to plan a girls trip to NYC. You in?