Monday, April 20

"I like to move it, move it"

Ashtyn had her first "research" project at school (in 1st grade). Their class was studying animals of the rain forest and jungle, and Ashtyn picked Lemur from the list. I totally thought it was some kind of leopard or cat of some sorts at first and before I saw a picture of one (I'm so stupid), but then Ashtyn told me it was like the monkeys on Madagascar. Their assignment was to look up a few facts about their animal (habitat, diet, looks, unique info., etc.) and make a habitat box. Do you know how hard it is to find a Lemur in this town. We went to every toy store trying to find some type of figurine or stuffed animal. I finally resorted to the internet and ended up ordering some from Duke University. Ashtyn could have just colored a picture of one or something, but of course she wanted one that looked real. Spoiled child!
The funny thing about her choosing a lemur is we used to watch Madagascar several times a day a few years ago when Jordyn was a baby. She loved that movie so much and wanted the song "move it, move it" over and over. She couldn't even walk yet but would sit and dance and scream to that song. We even had a "Madagascar Theme" for her 1st b-day party. It was fun that the girls got so excited over a school project. They play with the lemurs all the time and even named them "Blackie" and "Stripey". I'm sure this is the beginning of several school projects that will only get harder and harder. Good thing that's what a Dad is for!


Judy said...

Hey You! How are you. i saw your mom the other day and she said you were a blogger. I love blogland. Your girls are so cute. So fun I found ya, will be fun to keep up with your life!

l.g. mcfifi said...

That is so creative- love it