Monday, January 21

Writer's strike rediculous!

This writer's strike is getting pretty dang annoying. I keep forgetting it's happening until I go to check my DVR for the latest episode of Desperate Housewive's (I'll repent later!!) and nothing is recorded. I know this sounds pretty lame, but I actually look forward to the show every Sunday night for a little escape from reality before Monday starts with all of the craziness of a new week. If every actor donated one of their cars or 10 pair of designer shoes to the writers, maybe they could get something worked out. COME ON, there are people starving all over this world, and Hollywood alone has enough money to change that. What's up?


Calli said...

Amen. I've never been so sick of reality shows--I mean how many versions of American Idol-Dancing with the Stars-So You Think you Can Dance-America's Got Talent can they come up with? Honestly. I'm dying for some new edpisodes of The Unit and The Office.

Gina Lee said...

I totally agree! I'm having "Office" withdrawls!