Thursday, January 3

The Hassman Nativity

I've decided this is as close to Angel as Avery is going to get. The children in our family dress up for the Nativity Scene every year, and Avery played the part of Angel. Too bad she has been acting like a little devil lately. I seriously think she is just too smart and gets bored so easily. She's into everything, and now she throws attitude into everything. She can talk better than most 2 1/2 year-olds, knows her ABC's, counts to 11, and sings several songs including "I am a Child of God". I don't know what to do with her 'cause she's do dang cute, but sometimes I want to slip a little tranquilizer into her sippy cup (not really for all of you who are worried about an impending breakdown-I'm Fine!).

Ashtyn was Mary, and Jordyn was the tiny little shepard with the white head piece and brown headband. She kept saying "I'm a wiseman". Who do you think enjoyed this little play more, the kids or the parents?

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