Wednesday, October 14

Meet Jane

This is our new horse Jane. She is quite the beauty with a very gentle, laid back personality. After deciding the two young colts would need more training time than Jim could give, he traded them both for this older, not-so-crazy mare. I feel much better about the horse situation now and even though I am still scared, I know Jane is a lot safer than the colts. The kids love her and have already ridden her a couple of times. Hay for one horse is also much cheaper than for two!

Jim is happy because he's been able to take her on a few long rides and says she's done great. He tried to get me to ride, but I think I'll wait till after I'm pregnant. Unless I get impatient towards the end and need a little bumpy ride to get things going!
BTW-don't you love the little girls socks and sandles? They are both into patterned, funny socks and like to pick out what they wear.No way would I have ever let Ashtyn get away with this when she was little, but hey, by the third kid who cares, right?


The Bunnell Fam said...

So true about the third kid. My third's fashion is out of a scary Halloween punk rock mag! HA!:)

Christina said...

Horses can be so much fun! I love the outfit. I was super picky about Kelsey too, but like you, who cares anymore. I was given the advice once that if it doesn't have eternal consequences it's not worth the battle. I decided to let that one go. She looks so cute and tiny on the big animal.