Thursday, January 15

My Crazy Avery!

This is Avery's "funny face" that she loves to do lately. She had us all cracking up at dinner the other night doing this over and over. She makes herself look like a bassett hound! She has turned into quite the big girl this past two weeks. She threw her binkies away-Finally- in exchange for new Dora jammies (she is obsessed with Dora and loves to wear jammies all day-good bribe!). We made her crib into a toddler bed (since she was climbing out every day anyway), and she is officially POTTY TRAINED (thanks to Dora Saves the Snow Princess underwear!) Where did my baby go? I could kiss this child all day, every day if she'd let me. There's just something so sweet about her that makes her so loveable. She's also got a little sass to her, which makes her unique and so fun. I found a shirt at Old Navy that says Sweet, Sassy, Sweet and had to get it because that is Avery to a tee. I love her to pieces and am so proud of my little girl for making it through these big milestones the last couple of weeks.


The Bunnell Fam said...

Oh goodie...I love when you post. I love to read your blog. She is so cute! It is fun to watch them grow up and pass milestones.

Pickett Fences said...

What a funny girl! They are such cute girls, I love your snowman by the way, our little one already melted.

Kara said...

Hey! I love your girls they are so cute! I would love to get their sweet letters my address is
Kara Eaton
10232 needle pine dr
cordova, tn 38016

Can't wait to get them!

Harrigfeld said...

Hi Christine- I am so glad that you found my blog. Now I have yours. Chad keeps telling me we need to have you guys over for dinner so one of these days we need to do that. He really likes your husband and has told me many times what a cool girl you are. Lets get together soon!!

Debbie said...

Hi Christine, Shannon sent me your blog address--hope you don't mind. I just finished reading and looking at the pictures. What an awesome way to let us all share in your delightful family. love, debbie

Shannon said...

Wow, what a big girl! I wish I was closer so I could see her (and the everyone else)! Thanks for keeping me updated.