Sunday, December 14

Happy Belated Halloween

The snow has been falling the past two days-Beautiful!!-and I'm afraid winter is here to stay. Since I'm forcing myself to catch up, and we usually have snow on Halloween in Idaho, I thought it was a good day to post about Halloween this year. What awesome weather we had this year for trick-or-treating. I bundled my girls under their costumes and was planning on having to throw on coats and gloves, but we actually got hot without the outer layers. It was perfect!

I had great aspirations of coordinating our entire family as the cast of Wizard of Oz (Jim-tin man, Me-Glenda, Ashtyn-Dorothy, Jordyn-scarecrow, Avery-lion) but time slipped away and costumes became scarce. I'm planning to do this next year and convince my mom to make all our costumes! Ashtyn and Jordyn picked out princess dresses-of course-and Avery settled on the most adorable pink dinosaur costume. One problem: after seeing Ashtyn and Jordyn in their pretty dresses (which Avery is obsessed with right now-if they don't twirl, she isn't interested), Avery did not want to wear her dinosaur. Good thing we have a ton of dresses in the dress up box, and Avery was happy to be Cinderella. Crisis avoided! I think they make three beautiful princesses!

I also took the easy route on pumpkins this year and found these cute "accessories" at good 'ole Walmart. They were so easy, and the girls loved them. We did end up carving the Mommy and Daddy pumpkins (yes, mine is the fattest) but kept it pretty simple. All in all a great time!


Amberlee said...

Hey! We've missed you in the blogging world- glad you're back. Sounds like you've been way busy! Can't wait to hear what you've been up to!

Dabell Family said...

Cute costumes and pumkins! So are you still working at the resturant? Sounds like life is busy for you and your is fun to see what is going on with you.

The Bunnell Fam said...

I have missed reading your posts! Your girls looked so cute for Halloween. they make great princesses!

Hope you are good!!